Invisble Planes and Cars! Here’s how.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the future! It is an invisible plane, just like the one that Wonder Woman flies. Actually, it is only invisible on the inside, as you can see on the video above.

Seriously, it is not. However, this plane has some kind of touchscreen technology on the walls that allows the user to see outside the walls. Not only do you get quite a view, but you can use the touchscreen to summon a flight attendant or something.

It might not be good for those who have a fear of heights, but it is good because it allows the plane to get rid of windows. You might not think that is much, but according to CPI, the company that makes this tech, eighty percent of an aircraft’s weight is due to fuel and the weight itself. If you can remove the windows, then you have “an approximate 0.75% fuel saving for every 1% reduction in weight”

Here is another application of see-through technology. This car that you see here has a camera in back. Then it has a projector on the inside to show what is going on behind the backseat, outside of the car. Okay, I don’t think this will work well if there is someone in the backseat, but it is an interesting concept.

Perhaps that whole reason I like this is because I like the whole concept of see-through tech. This is one of those technologies that is cool, but I honestly don’t think will catch on.

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