LG’s VuTalk is a really cool way of communicating

heros-es2It really is interesting to see how technology can truly bring us closer together. I find it odd that people are meeting their girlfriends/boyfriends on chatrooms, and wondering how long before our chats online are just as good as face-to-face conversations.

While I was at a party last night hosted by LG, I had a chance to see their new VuTalk feature in action. VuTalk is a feature on the Optimus G Pro, and I believe it might be on some of their other phones as well.

VuTalk is a simple feature where callers can interact with the use of a Memo board. I’m sure that most of you have a note-taking app of some type where you can jot random things down. I use mine to take notes on Sunday morning church services.

Imagine if you took that notetaking app and two people were able to write on it. It would be like having a whiteboard in front of you, with two different-colored markers, so you can see who is writing what. That alone is pretty cool to have, but VuTalk takes it a step further as you can share images from a photo gallery on it.

Once the conversation is over, the user can save what he or she has for later. It is kind of like scrapbooking a chat! Tech interaction like this really impresses me, and I really hope that more than just LG phones have it.

LG Optimus G Pro gets Eye Tracking before the Samsung Galaxy S IV

G Pro 1[20130313191027873]Today is the day that Samsung is unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S IV, and I have heard a rumor about it that I am just going to assume is true. I’ll probably know in a few hours, but LG is also planning on having this feature on the Optimus G Pro.

The feature in question is eye-tracking, and LG beat Samsung to the punch, a day early. I had heard that Samsung’s eye-tracking would be helpful with scrolling up and down websites, and yes, it would. I have heard that LG’s new feature, known as Smart Video, will automatically play or stop videos by detecting the user’s eye movements with the front facing camera. If that camera detects you, the viewer, looking away, then playback will stop. Then it will resume when the user looks again.

Okay, what do you think of this technology? Do you really want all your TV transmissions to stop specifically when you are not looking at them? I suppose this would come in handy when you need to go to the bathroom, as all you need to do is leave, no hitting pause required. Computers could easily have this on their webcams, but in all honesty, I usually just watch videos out of the corner of my eye on a small window on the lower-right side of my screen. If I were to do that now, the Netflix vid wouldn’t be playing unless I looked directly at it, which isn’t too often unless I am watching a sign language scene on Switched At Birth.

Now, that eye-tracking features would be worth noting on any new phone, but the Optimus G Pro will also have the world’s first dual Camera function. This allows the camera to simultaneously captures photographs using both front and back cameras, making a user “part of the story, not just observers”.

The Optimus G Pro Value Pack upgrade will be offered to the Korean market next month.