Our Review of the PhoneSuit Journey Travel Charger Ultra

Phonesuit JourneyI suppose this is the time where I say that it has been a while since I have reviewed a Phonesuit product, and I’m realizing that I say a lot of the same things in my reviews. Needless to say, this is an upgrade of my first review of the Journey All-in-One Charger with the Journey Travel Charger Ultra for the iPhone, Samsung, and More! (Sorry, but that and more really makes it sound exciting.)

So what is it? Well, it is a mobile battery, which we have seen before, so nothing new there. However, see how it spreads its arms like that? It’s quite amazing, and one of those arms is a Lightning for Apple products, and the other is Micro-USB for pretty much everything else.

Yeah, I have been noticing that some mobile batteries have these two charging cables, but if you are like me, and you have something like an HTC 10, with a USB C port, you are out of luck, at least with the two cables attached. By the way, there is a blurb on the Phonesuit website that says it can do a HTC, with the micro-USB. Yeah, it is wrong.

As it so happens, you got yourself an extra USB port. You heard that right, you can charge three devices at once with this. Three seems to be the magic number for this guy because it can provide up to 3 times (300 percent) additional power for a smartphone. So pretty much anything that is chargeable via USB (which is about everything) is chargeable, but maybe not three times.

The battery is good for 5000 Mah, so that is pretty good. There is also an advanced smart power management thing going on, so it knows how to prioritize charging. Yeah, I’m going to have to take their word for it.

So is it durable? It sure feels that way. It is designed for travel, which means it will take the bumps along the way. I’m not going to hurl it against the wall, because hey, I’m not that angry.

Anyway, you can get the Journey Travel Charger Ultra on the Phonesuit site for about $59.99.

PhoneSuit JOURNEY All-in-One Charger

Phonesuit JourneyToday, we’re doing another PhoneSuit review with the JOURNEY. I really want to start singing the opening lines from “Don’t Stop Believing”. The JOURNEY is just a mobile charger that feels like the HubPlus from myCharge.

In fact, it has both the Lightning Cable and a Micro-USB cable, and it has an AC wall charger as well. Seriously, it is pretty much the same thing, but it is much thinner. In fact, it is supposedly the world’s thinnest, yes, I don’t know how to really prove that.

The battery has a 3500 mAh which can deliver a 200 percent extra charge. So let’s see here, it can charge 3 devices at once because, as I failed to mention, it has one full USB Outport, micro-USB cable, and a Lightning Cable.

So, there is a terrific travel charger, and it is pretty cool. You can get it on the PhoneSuit site for about $79.95.

PhoneSuit Elite 6 PRO Battery Case for the iPhone 6/6S

Phonesuit Elite 6 PROIt has been a while since I reviewed a PhoneSuit product, and one of things that I reviewed was the PhoneSuit Elite Battery case for the iPhone 5. This time, I am reviewing the PhoneSuit Elite 6 PRO Battery Case Series, the next step up.

This is one of those battery cases, which we are not a stranger to, and chance are, you are not either. Not only is it a case that gives you more protection (Military Standard 810G), but some power as well. In this case, it is good enough for 130 percent, and the case charges via micro USB.

If you know that, then you know that these mobile battery cases usually have some indicator lights to show how much power is on them. Most of the time it is four, but in this case, it is five. What is interesting is how to access it. You can tough on side for 1 second to check it, and if you want to put juice on your phone, touch both the left and right side for 3 seconds. That part is actually pretty neat.

The biggest issue with these products is that each corner, curve, seam, and opening has some ergonomic foam to them. There isn’t a lot of real estate taken up with this case/battery, and that is always a good thing.

Should this sound good for you, you can get it on the PhoneSuit site for about $89.95.

Phonesuit Flex XT Pocket Charger for the iPhone

phonesuit Flex XTI’ve reviewed Phonesuit products before, like the Elite battery case for the iPhone 5/5S. That product was a way to double the battery life of your phone, and there is another product known as the Flex XT Pocket Charger that can give your iPhone 150 percent power in a smaller size.

The Flex XT Pocket Charger is a lot like the Link 5200i from iWalk. The Pocket Charger is a lot smaller, in fact, Phonesuit says it is the smallest of its type. It is made to connect to the bottom of an iPhone or Lightning Connector iPod, and it works no matter what case you have on it.

Of course, I like this product. It does say that it charges without wires, but you will need the micro USB charger to charge it up. It also has the standard 4 lights indicator, but I’ve reported on that feature on so many mobile batteries, that I have lost count.

If you want to get this now, head on over to the Phonesuit site and purchase it for $69.95 in Black, Red, and Blue Metallic.

PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case for the iPhone 5/5S

Phonesuit stuff ps-elite-ip5I wasn’t really expecting to review the PhoneSuit Elite, but I was pleased to try it out. It is very similar to the Lifecharge from Ontrion, as the PhoneSuit and Lifecharge are both mobile batteries and cases for the iPhone 5/5S.

According to the PhoneSuit website, it “doubles the power of the iPhone 5/5S providing enough energy to get you through up to 2 days of usage without having to reach for a power outlet”. Somehow, that is up to 125 percent additional iPhone power. Most of the time, these battery cases only double the battery life.

So yeah, I got that spec out of the way. The case is made from polycarbonate rubber composite materials, and it has been drop-tested from every angle. This means that it really can protect against drops and scratches.

As I mentioned before, I have seen products like these before. I might as well talk about some other features it has like a large wide angle camera opening and a port for headphones and such. It also has five LED lights on the back to see how much to charge for it, and it also has a micro USB to USB cable for charging. That last one is pretty much a standard feature for a case/battery, and this really is starting to become a standard.

You should be able to get the PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case for the iPhone 5/5S for $99.95 on the Phonesuit site.