Moment Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Soundmatters

soundmatters-moment-2One thing that I love about being a gadget and tech reviewer is how good it is to review more than one product from one company. Oftentimes, I lose contact with a company, but when I reconnect, reviewing their product is like being reunited with an old friend. Such is the case with Soundmatters, as it has been years since I reviewed the FoxL DASH7 and the Dash-A, but I finally had a chance to review the Moment.

The Moment is a speaker that will fit in the palm of your hand, but you would be surprised at how much sound it can put out. It is billed as an ultra-portable audiophile speaker, the company says that it uses patented carbon-poly acoustic drivers and carbon-fiber infused body in order to provide near-field listening. I paired the Moment with my smartphone to listen to music, and I will testify to the ultra-precise, wide-frequency sound, as well as clear detailing and deep dynamics.

soundmatters-moment-1The battery life is good for up to 10 hours, with 90 minutes on a full charge. Now would be the time to talk about how it can charge. There is a place on the back of the moment that is one of those Energizer Wireless Charging technology stamps. In fact, the Moment comes with a stand that you can see here that allows connection to a USB/micro USB cord. All you do is just stick it on, and it is like the Moment is a bust, and the stand/charger is the neck. By the way, the charging cord can be used on the Moment speaker itself.

All in all, the Moment is one terrific Bluetooth speaker, and it can be purchased for about $169.00 ($249 MSRP) on the Soundmatters site.

The Dash-A Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Soundmatters

Soundmatters Dash AI’ve reviewed Soundmatters products before, such as the Dash7, and I had a chance to review a similar portable wireless speaker, the Dash-A.

As you can see, the Dash-A is flat, and can pair with a mobile device from about 10 meters away. Apparently, it was designed to work specially with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, but not the first version of the Kindle Fire, as that didn’t have Bluetooth.

Godehard_Guenther_Portrait_Name_yearI’m not certain what kind of bass the Dash-A has, but it is all about it. Seriously, it is loud and a party-maker. After a few seconds of pairing it to my smartphone, I had an instant party in my house with my kids. They bought in the disco ball.

Well, if I wanted to have a party for 10 hours, this is the wireless speaker to have. Best of all, it is portable. If you want to get in on this, be sure to head on over to the Soundmatters site and lay down $149.00.

Okay, I know that I did the good news first, but I do have some bad news. The Soundmatters founder, Dr. Godehard Guenther, has recently passed away. I bring this up because I like Soundmatters a lot, and I know how hard it is when someone that you looked up to dies. You can read more about this man here.

FoxL DASH7 from Soundmatters

FoxLIn an effort to review every Bluetooth speaker ever made, I had a chance to try out one of the best of them with the FoxL DASH7 from Soundmatters. I have been wanting to review this speaker for a long, long time.

If you aren’t familiar with the DASH7, it is a very flat Bluetooth speaker that has some of the best sound I have heard for something this 2-D. Okay, it isn’t completely flat, but I can testify if you hold it in your hand while the music is playing, then the music plays you.

The sound comes from the company’s Twoofers. This is what Soundmatters calls their “tweeters that also woof”, which are very flat ultra power neodymium driver that provide a uniquely wide frequency range and are augmented by the company’s patented BassBattery. Much of that I took from the company’s website, but it translates to “sound that you can feel”.

Sure, I have said that about products that I reviewed before. I highly just recommend you try it. You should also try out the built-in microphone so you can take some phone calls.

Another bonus is this included angled stand, which can tilt the sound toward you. Otherwise, you could just put it right in front of your Bluetooth source for omni-directional sound.

If you want this, you can get it on the Soundmatters site for about $199 in Midnight Black, Vibrant Red, and Arctic White.