LG’s VuTalk is a really cool way of communicating

heros-es2It really is interesting to see how technology can truly bring us closer together. I find it odd that people are meeting their girlfriends/boyfriends on chatrooms, and wondering how long before our chats online are just as good as face-to-face conversations.

While I was at a party last night hosted by LG, I had a chance to see their new VuTalk feature in action. VuTalk is a feature on the Optimus G Pro, and I believe it might be on some of their other phones as well.

VuTalk is a simple feature where callers can interact with the use of a Memo board. I’m sure that most of you have a note-taking app of some type where you can jot random things down. I use mine to take notes on Sunday morning church services.

Imagine if you took that notetaking app and two people were able to write on it. It would be like having a whiteboard in front of you, with two different-colored markers, so you can see who is writing what. That alone is pretty cool to have, but VuTalk takes it a step further as you can share images from a photo gallery on it.

Once the conversation is over, the user can save what he or she has for later. It is kind of like scrapbooking a chat! Tech interaction like this really impresses me, and I really hope that more than just LG phones have it.