Wacom unveils new Bamboo stylii and Pads

Bamboo WacomWe have reviewed Wacom products more than once on this site, and I am always pleased to review their notepad products. When I mean notepad, I mean a place where you can write and draw with a stylus.

Wacom has just announced the Bamboo Pad, and it is not a notepad kind of thing. This one is pretty small, only a little bigger than the size of one’s hand. The Pad offers the user the capacity for multi-touch gestures, which comes in handy when using Windows 8.

bamboo 2In addition to the Pad, there is also the Stylii like the Bamboo Stylus solo and duo. The solo is your typical rubber-tipped stylus good for any touchscreen device, and the duo has a ball-point tip in case you actually need to sign something like a sheet of paper or such.

You should be able to get the Bamboo Pad in wireless ($79) or wired ($49) form in a few weeks. As for the stylii, they should be avilable at the same time. The solo is good for $19 and the duo for $29.

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Wacom Bamboo Stylus

800x600_CS100K_01What you are looking at here is the Wacom Bamboo Stylus, and it is meant to be a stylus for a Wacom tablet. If you don’t know what a Wacom tablet is, then you should probably read some old entries of my blog, like this.

Oh, you can also use a Bamboo Stylus on anything with a touchscreen, which really helps on tablets and smartphones. I have used Styluses before, and the Bamboo is 25 percent narrower in diameter.

You can use the Bamboo Stylus on Wacom’s Bamboo Paper, the Penultimate, as well as Autodesk, Sketchbook Mobile, and I’m sure much more. If you want to get in on this stylus action, feel free to lay down $29.95 at the Wacom site.