Our Review of the Marseille mCable: Gaming Edition

mCable Gaming Edition

mCable Gaming Edition

It’s been about three years since our review of the Marseille cable, and we are fortunate to review their new mCable Gaming edition. When I saw it at CES 2016, I had a chance to try it out with two screens side-by-side, so I could see the difference.

This time, I was not at one of the world’s biggest tech shows (we will be covering CES 2019 in a few weeks, by the way), but I used the mCable gaming edition on PS4 and the Switch. I tried watching videos and games on both of them, and I will have to say that I see a difference.

Now, this is always the difficult part of trying to describe how a video image looks different. My wife was kind enough to take a before and after picture, but there wasn’t really anything fit on the images to show the difference.

I can assure you, that it is there. I decided to just simply post the reason why, because honestly, I don’t really understand it myself.

Operates advanced graphics processing with incredibly low lag time. Processes all the enhanced content features in less than 1 millisecond per frame, with speed up to 120 FPS.

Upconverts to HD or 4K game content. Up-scales native rendered resolution up to Super HD @ 120 FPS or 4K 4:2:0 @ 60 FPS.

Improves image depth, contrast & color rendering. Analyzes every single pixel and adjusts it for the optimal image.

Performs Contextual Anti-Aliasing (CxAA). Eliminates jagged edges and shimmering texture without creating blurring artifacts.

You can find that information on the Marseille website, but I will have to say that the images there of how it improves blocky images seem a little…exaggerated. Still, there was a clarity to some of the backgrounds, and it felt like Mario was a little clearer and less shiny (in the white way).

Yeah, it really is difficult to describe the improvement, but there is an improvement. You can get it on the Marseille site in 3 feet ($119), 6 feet ($129), or 9 feet ($139) lengths for varying prices.

Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack

Mobile Edge Core Gaming

Mobile Edge Core Gaming

We have had a chance to review a lot of backpacks with a tech edge to them, and we were quite pleased to review this particular one from Mobile Edge known as the Core Gaming Backpack.

One thing I like about these gaming/laptop backpacks is how this has three places that look good enough to hold a laptop. In actuality, it is made for holding a laptop, tablet, keyboard, even files and other personal items. Now, the one that I received said it could hold a laptop with an 18 inch screen, but I’m getting differing views when I go to the actual Mobile Edge site, promising 16 to 17.3 inches.

The backpack itself is made from “durable ballistic nylon” which has air-mesh shoulder straps and some padded back panels as well. There are four (count-em) zipper pockets on the sides, two on each of them, so if you have some smaller gaming accessories, it should hold them.

All in all, it is very good for storing everything, and I specially like the lining for a tablet or maybe even a Switch. I think there might be something misleading about how it has a pre-wired universal power bank pocket. Basically, if you have a powerpack, you can put it there, along with some cables. It would be good if the backpack itself came with a power pack, but it only comes with a USB cable and port. So if the cable is plugged in, you can plug in a mobile device via its USB charging cord.

You should be able to get this on the Mobile Edge website for $129.99. It comes in a Velcro front panel and a molded front panel, and both of them are checkpoint friendly (it even says so on the inside).

AirSelfie 2 Review: The Perfect Gift for the Selfie-Lover this Holiday

AirSelfie 2 a

AirSelfie 2 a

I’m going to have to say that the AirSelfie 2 is one of those devices that is an idea that can change the world, but perhaps not at this present time. We live an age where the average person can afford a drone to take pictures from the air, and that comes in handy here. Just to get the disclaimer out of the way, when the AirSelfie 2 was sent to me, I was told it is an indoor camera and not a drone.

It certainly is easy to compare the AirSelfie 2 to a drone, because it has a camera and four propellers to keep it airborne. Considering that we live in an age of selfies, it just makes sense to create a device to make a camera float in front of you to take your picture. This is essentially the AirSelfie 2 in a nutshell.

So, when this AirSelfie 2 came to me, I was hoping it could be this flying camera that followed you in the air like…I don’t know, a hover-puppy? That’s a well-trained dog that could take pictures of you from the air.

When the AirSelfie 2 came to me, I wondered how to get this thing to fly. As it turns out, all I needed to do is download the app, and charge the unit itself. I don’t know how long it took to charge it fully, but it that red light on when it needs charging, and the blue light when it is fully charged. You know, the usual.

When the app is downloaded, you have to connect your Wi-Fi to the device itself. I thought it would take Bluetooth, but clearly I won’t be able to use the Internet on other apps with this app. Not that I would be doing anything else with the AirSelfie 2.

Screenshot 2018 12 15 15 36 25

Screenshot 2018 12 15 15 36 25

Once I got the controls, it was time to set it into the air. All I needed to do is touch a control for a few seconds (the up button in the nearby illustration), and the AirSelfie 2 whirred to life. Occasionally, the AirSelfie 2 started to just veer off, so you have to learn to take control of it. Now, there are three ways to do this, for some odd reason. What you are seeing on the left is the “Easy” mode, and there are two other Medium and Hard modes.

Now it took a while before the props became airborne-worthy, but it did take to the sky. I actually was told that I could toss the AirSelfie 2 into the air and it would fly, but I found that the props didn’t defy gravity until a second or two after starting. The best thing that I would recommend is hold the AirSelfie 2 in your hand, and when it feels lighter than air, let it go.

From there, the AirSelfie hovered and would usually go in whatever direction it felt compelled to go. Steering it was a matter of figuring out what button did what, and there is a bit of a learning curve here, and this applies to the Easy, Medium, or Hard modes.

By the way, my dog really freaked out when the AirSelfie 2 started flying around the room. I’m glad she didn’t try and grab it in her jaws like a frisbee. I would have got a picture of it, but my smartphone was otherwise occupied.

So let’s just get to the pictures. It has a 12 Megapixel camera, and this is a shot that I took in my hotel room in Florida. I should also take the time to say that I had the AirSelfie 2 in my carry-on on the plane, and I was not called aside by the TSA.

181213072502 00

181213072502 00

In case you are wondering, it was difficult to set up that shot. In some cases, I just moved myself into position, like when I got this video that you can see below.

In case you are wondering why the video is short (a second), then you should know that the AirSelfie 2 has about 5 minutes of flying time. Yeah, I thought that there was something wrong with this guy as the battery life kept changing color very quickly from green, yellow, to red.

So, can I recommend this? If you want to take some interesting selfies that are way different than other selfies, then yes, I would recommend this. Just know that you will have to learn how to make it work, and when it does work, you won’t have much time to get that selfie shot that you are looking for. It is recommended for indoor use, so I definitely wouldn’t use it on the edge of a cliff or anything.

If you’re lucky, you can hopefully get it before the holidays. Check it out here on the AirSelfie site for about for $199.95.

The Ozobot Evo

Ozobot EVO

Ozobot EVO

It has been a while since I reviewed an Ozobot product, with my first being the Ozobot Bit. I was attracted to them at a CES a few years back, and they were these tiny robots that would follow lines drawn on a table.

Yes, these are tiny robots, and I realize that the picture makes it look like its the size of R2-D2 (or half of one, so that would be an R1-D1). In actuality, the Ozobot will fit in the palm of your hand, like right in the concave section.

Since it’s been a few years since I reviewed an Ozobot product, I’ll go over what it can do. This tiny robot can essentially just roll, but the user can code it to do all sorts of tricks. The coding is done with a program that is like Blocky, which is something that I have seen on other educational toys like LEGO MINDSTORMS and UBTECH.

I can’t remember if the Bit had this feature, but the EVO has these “expressive” LEDs. With a little coding, you can make it do tricks like roll along until you stop it just before your finger. Not to mention going along a line. I see that this is really difficult to describe, so I’m just going to show this video.

It says that you can program these EVO robots to battle, and they have some kind of mutual multi-bot networking thing happening going on. I’m just going to end with and say that the EVO is something that should be tried and experienced.

The Ozobot EVO is available on the Ozobot site for about $100 and includes a pouch, skin, markers, and a lot more to begin coding.

Scosche MagicMount Pro Charge and Boombottle MM Review

I honestly cannot remember when was the last time I did a review of a Scosche product, but I seem to recall visiting their booth at a conference, and it was small. I believe that this company has grown quite a bit since I first saw it, and I’m going to be reviewing the MagicMount Pro Charge and the BoomBottle MM.

Scosche MagicMount ProCharge

Scosche Magic Mount Pro Charge

Scosche Magic Mount Pro Charge

So, what is it that makes the MagicMount so magical? I suppose that it is because it can stick in two places. Well, there is this StickGrip suction base provides a strong hold to any surface, so you can have something solid to keep what you charge your device on. You will need to keep it wired, which is something that this illustration doesn’t show.

Okay, so the bottom is taken care of, but what about the top? Well, there is fortunately a MagicPlate which allows for mounting to a case or directly to a device. Once that MagicPlate is mounted, you can just stick it onto the MagicMount and just juice it up that way. So, if you have a Qi enabled device, it should work, and this includes any wireless charging product from Samsung, Apple, or any company that has this feature that really should be standard for any mobile device.

You should be able to purchase the MagicMount ProCharge for about $69.99 on the Scosche site for $69.99.

Scosche Boombottle MM

Scosche boombottlemm2

Scosche boombottlemm2

This next Scosche product, the Boombottle MM, is also made for those who want some wireless charging action, and this is Qi ready. The Boombottle MM is one of those waterproof wireless speakers that we have been seeing a lot of lately, and price-wise, they are not a dime a dozen.

The speaker has two passive subwoofers made for some decent sound, and I often find it hard to believe that you can put such good sound (12W dual (6W x 2) 45mm speakers and subwoofer) in something relatively small, and this fits in just about any cupholder. By the way, you can dual pair these speakers for some really great sound.

So the sound is good, and the speaker itself is made to be IP67 dustproof and waterproof. Seems like all these Bluetooth Speakers are made to be taken to the beach, or just left at home (or in the store they were purchased at).

But what you really want, and is most likely the big selling point of this speaker is the fact it has a Qi wireless charging platform on top, made for giving a user up to 12 hours worth of battery life.

All these features, and this thing comes with a bottle opener near the controls. I could say that “I wish I was kidding”, but it sounds like I am kidding. Everyone needs a bottle opener sometimes, and this awesome product is available on the Scosche site for $129.99.

Anker SoundCore Model Zero Portable Wireless Speaker

Anker Soundcore

Anker Soundcore

It feels like we are reviewing a lot of great Anker products before the holiday season, and I do like doing reviews of great Bluetooth speakers, so with the Anker Soundcore Model Zero Portable Wireless Speaker, I got to do both. After all, this particular speaker has words like “Aural Beauty”, “Stunning Design”, and “Sublime Sound”, and it all seems pretty fitting.

Also in its description is this: “a speaker that was envisioned by artists, sculpted by designers, then constructed and fine-tuned by engineers”. I will have to say that it certainly looks like that, and I am wondering what genius realized that a portable Bluetooth speaker should really have a handle.

I think that I need to talk about the specs here, so it has a 2 x 63 mm Woofer, 2 x 19 mm Tweeter, and two passive radiators. I’m not going to pretend that I know that translates to anything but great sound, but it also comes with BassUp technology for even more bass audio. Then, to make this package even better, it comes with a Soundcore App so that you can use built-in presets as well as enhance certain specific frequencies in order to make music come to life.

We might as well end with some of the better features like the IPX5 water-resistant rating so you can take it to the beach for some waves. Oh, did I mention that you can connect this feller to two devices? You can.

You should be able to get the Soundcore on the Anker site for $199.99, and there is also the Soundcore+ available soon, but I don’t know the price.

Wreck It Ralph 2 (Ralph Breaks the Internet) Review Pumped Up on Rotten Tomatoes, Has All the Problems with Disney Mediocre Sequels

I have to admit that there wasn’t really any film out that I wanted to see, and I recall from my review of Wreck It Ralph years ago that the film did not need a sequel. However, a friend of mine stated that the film was getting “a 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes”, but I recently checked, and it was settling in at 86 percent. In fact, I just checked about a few days later, and it is now at 88 percent at this writing.

Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Review e1543115147642 1132x670

Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Review e1543115147642 1132×670

This isn’t the first time that I have seen numbers on Rotten Tomatoes high upon a film’s initial release, and then go terribly down later. I believe that all of DC’s Cinematic Universe films are guilty of this. I feel like there is a way to just “mess with the numbers” when it comes to a film’s initial release, like someone who alters figures on their taxes.

Either way, I feel manipulated. It is my belief that movies are a subjective experience, which is what makes them so great. I believe that everyone’s favorite film is probably someone’s least favorite film. However, there are films that are considered just “bad” because most do not receive it well.

I believe that when we are watching a good movie, we “feel” it, because it produces a legitimately positive response, even if we can’t explain why. I’ve explained that one of my favorite films is Speed Racer, even though it is a very low-rated film and was a flop for Warner Brothers. I’ve already explained why I like it, but I don’t think it is wrong to have feelings involved with my reasoning.

The issue with Disney of late is they have created some really great and original films such as Moana and Coco. However, they have this really annoying habit of creating sequels that are made to be surefire hits, but aren’t really necessary, like Incredibles 2 and Cars 3. These sequels have their moments, but they really are not good, overall. I just don’t get that initial feeling that I felt with the original.

Wreck It Ralph 2, or Ralph Breaks the Internet, is just like this. The initial premise is really, really forced, and the idea of Ralph hitting the Internet seems even more forced. There are spoilers ahead at this point, so hit “more” for more.

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Our Black Friday 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

So, now that the holiday season is in full swing, you might be thinking of purchasing certain items over the holidays. They have some order, but whatever you are looking for, you can find out more info about here.

Automotive Products for Black Friday/Holiday 2019

This is the FIXD, a plug-in your car that could prevent some costly repairs.

Here’s a decent product from Cobra with a DriveHD Dash Camera.

Speaking of Dash cameras, check out the Roav Dashcam S1 by Anker.

Apple Products for Black Friday/Holiday 2019

Here’s a review of the fantastic IONA dock from Landing Zone. Oh, there is the USB-C Hub for MacBooks. And then there is the Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station.

Oh, and Promise Technology also sent us a similar Thunderbolt product.

We got a ton of Catalyst products for the Apple Pencil and phones. Check it out.

You should see this EVO1 from Understands.

Chargers for Black Friday/Holiday 2019

Then the Anker has the Power Port Qi 10 for wireless charging. Oh, there is also a PowerCore Fusion 5000 and Powerline II Lightning cable. We also got the Powerwave 7.5.

We also had a chance to review the Mophie Charge Stream Power Station, Travel Kit, and Pad+.

Oh, you really need to try out the Omnicharge.

We had a chance to review the Nomad BaseStation.

Here’s a great Limitless Innovations product with the Jumpstart.

We tried out the Louie from Coal Power. We reviewed more Coal Power products here.

We also tried out the ToughTested Jolt All Purpose JumpStarter.

You should check out the Weego Jump Starter 22.

Here’s our review of Re:Fuel and Digipower products.

Bluetooth Speakers for Black Friday/Holiday 2019

So, Anker has some great products with the Soundcore Boost Bluetooth Speaker. We also reviewed the Soundcore Flare+.

We reviewed a color changing speaker from iHome iBT76.

Check out Kempler and Strauss X2 Wireless Speakers.

JBL sent us the really cool Link 300 Voice Activated Speaker and the Pulse 3.

Creative Labs also sent us the fun Halo Bluetooth Speaker. We also got the iRoar Go.

Lifeproof also sent us the AQUAPHONICS AQ10.

Can’t remember if this is Bluetooth, but here is the Edifier S350DB Bookshelf Speakers.

We had a great chance to review the Waterproof WOW-Sound speaker.

We also had a chance to review the iHome iBTB2 Aquio a waterbottle speaker.

Limitless Innovations sent us the TikiTunes.

Smartphone Accessory Gifts for Black Friday/Holiday 2019

We forgot to mention the MERGE for VR viewing as well as the MERGE Cube.

So, here is some terrific products from ZAGG with the Invisible Shield Glass and more.

Speaking of glass, here’s a PureGear Extreme.

Well, we had a chance to review a HEX case, as well as a backpack.

Check out this Marble case from Casery!

We did a lot of UAG reviews, and here is our review of the Monarch and Plyo case. Like our review for the Samsung Galaxy S9 accessories. Then there is the Trooper and Metropolis cases. We also reviewed the PLYO and Monarch for the Note 9. Oh, here’s our Monarch and Pathfinder review. The Google Pixel 3 has the Pylo and Monarch case as well.

Oh we also got to review some Man and Wood products that I loved.

The Jisoncase is pretty unusual as well.

I’m hoping to review more Element cases later, but here is the one for the Rev.

We have also reviewed ITSkins cases, a lot of them.

Speaking of a lot of cases, we reviewed a bunch of Krusell cases.

We had a heck of a time with Catalyst products like the ones for the Apple Watch. Then we reviewed the Impact cases and Waterproof Backpack.

Oh yes, and our Otterbox cases like the Symmetry for the iPhone X. We also did the Pursuit case for the S9. There is also some more cases here. We had some Google Pixel 3 and iPhone XR cases.

We had our chance to try out the Tech21 cases.

Oh, we also reviewed Lifeproof FRE for the Samsung Galaxy S8. We also got the SLAM for the S9. Oh we also got to review some NEXT cases.

We also got to try out the Patchworks products as well. Then we reviewed a whole lot of ITSkins.

Hard to classify this product, but it is the ANGLR Bullseye Fishing Tracker.

Oh yes, we got Nomad cases for iPhone and S9. Then there are several cases for the iPhone XR.

We also got some X-Doria products for the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

So, you might want to check out the Toast Wood Cover as well as the Presidio Grip Case from Speck.

Your smartphone will be greatly improved by the LoveHandle.

ZAGG sent us some products with a Universal Keyboard and two Invisible Shield products.

Tablet Accessory Gifts for Black Friday/Holiday 2019

If you want a keyboard for your iPad, please get the Brydge 10.5 inch.

There are many that we reviewed from Nite Ize, and hope to do so again.

These are two great iOttie products Easy Smart Tap 2 and Wireless Fast Charging Car and Desk Mount.

I wasn’t certain how to classify this, but there is the Kwilt. See what it is here.

Toy Gadgets for Black Friday/Holiday 2019

So, you can check out the Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit.

You can really make paper airplanes fly with the PowerUp 3.0.

We should probably talk about a drone like the Zoopa Q900. We also reviewed a Sky Rider Eagle 3 Pro Quadcopter Drone with Wi-Fi Camera.

If it is a music player that you are looking for, check out the Jooki.

We got to review the Cubelets from Modular Robotics: the Twelve Kit and Discovery Kit.

Headphones and Earbuds for Black Friday/Holiday 2019

Ah, yes, we love Jabra, and we loved the Elite 65t and we also reviewed the Evolve 75e.

We also reviewed the Soundot AF1 from Blackcloud.

Here’s our review of the Buddyphones WAVE for the OnanOff.

Creative Labs has send us a lot this year, like the Outlier Sports and Aurvana Trio Earbuds. Also, there was the SoundblasterX H7 Tournament edition. Oh, did we mention the Outlier One Plus and SoundBlasterX P5.

We had a chance to review the Optoma Nuforce BE2 Wireless Earphones.

We also had our Review of the Audio-Technica Solid Bass Wireless Headphones ATH-WS990BT.

We had another great review of the RHA MA750 Wireless Headphones.

Not similar to the last one, you might want to look into the Cozyphones.

Beyerdynamic sent us the Aventho Wireless for review as well as the DT 240. We also got the DT 990 Pro.

Then there is a kind of cool headphone with the Sennheiser HD 660S.

Here’s the 1Voice Sleep Headphones/EyeMask review.

We had a chance to SGNL HB-N50 Wireless Earphones.

Then we were fortunate enough to review something from Plantronics like the Voyager 6200 and BackBeat FIT 300.

Office Gifts for Black Friday/Holiday 2019

Then there is the Sonoff S20 Smart Socket.

For those who want some group communication, check out the BONX Grip.

This one, the RapidX X4 Home Super Compact 4-Port Charger, is quite amazing.

Oh, then there is the Keysmart Pro and Keysmart Catch.

You should see this awesome keyboard with the Matias Wired Aluminum Keyboard with RGB backlight.

Then there is the BlueLounge products like the Posto.

Here is a terrific Mouse from Cherry with the MW 4500 Wireless Mouse. We also reviewed the DC 2000 and EZClean KC 1000 Keyboards from Cherry.

Those who want a unique kind of scanner should check out the IRIScan.

Here’s some interesting products with the Rocketbook Everlast.

This is our review of the weBoost 4G Connect.

We got to review the D-Link AC2600 EXO MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router.

Oh, and we reviewed some HEX products with the Supply Laptop Tote. There is something to the Berlin Backpack.

For lack of a better place, let’s go with the Intuos Tablet from Wacom.

What also is good is the Amber Personal Hybrid Cloud Storage Platform.

I didn’t know where to classify this, but here’s a review of the Matrix Powerwatch X.

Security Gifts for Black Friday/Holiday 2019

Here’s the Yubico security key in case you want some security for your passwords.

Protect your house with the OOMI Starter Kit.

Check out this N-Range by SureCall to improve cell phone signals.

D-Link has a great product with the Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera.

Oh, we had a chance to review a D-Link Covr AC3900 router.

We also reviewed the PHICOMM KE 2P AC1300 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router.

We had to review the D-Link Full HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera and Full HD Wi-Fi Camera.

As for security, you should try the 2GIG Rely.

So we had the chance to review the EZVIZ Mini Plus Home Security camera.

Health Gadgets for Black Friday/Holiday 2019

Check out this Digital thermometer from Bewell Connect.

So, here is a way to beat nausea with the Reliefband 2.0.

Again, I don’t know how to classify this, but here is the BACtrack Scout Breathalyzer.

This is a great product all around with the Chilipad.

Oh, and you should check out the Evolv and TENS from Omron Technologies.

The Oska Pulse coudl also heal your pains.

Home Gadgets for Black Friday/Holiday 2019

So, we got to review two Simplehuman products with the 8-inch Round Sensor Mirror. We also reviewed the Simplehuman Foam Cartridge Sensor Pump.

We had such a great time reviewing the Eufy Robovac 30C.

I’m going to have to put the Memory box of the GNARBOX.

So, there is a great product known as the Pet Photo Saver.

We also got to review some Digital Picture Frames this holiday like the Photospring and the Nixplay Seed Wi-Fi Cloud Photo Frame.

Oh, we got to review the Unbelievabrella. Just check it out and buy it.

Here’s terrific smart Wi-Fi Meat Thermometer known as the LOKI.

So there is a great baby monitor known as the Eufy Spaceview.

Gaming Gadgets for Black Friday/Holiday 2019

Then there is the 3dRudder for a great VR gaming experience.

And 1More sent us the Spearhead VR Gaming Headphones for review.

We also got the SoundBlaster Siege M04 Gaming Mouse from Creative Labs, not to mention the Vanguard K08 Gaming Keyboard.

Oh, and then there is the Gamevice for the iPhone.

I could have put this under the charger, but myCharge made a Portable Power Outlet and PowerGame for the Nintendo Switch.

Here’s another charger for the Switch with the PowerCore 13400.

There is a terrific pair of gaming headphones from Turtle Beach called the Elite Atlas.

Otterbox Defender, Pursuit, and Symmetry for the iPhone XR and Google Pixel 3

It looks like we are going to have another fun time with another Otterbox review. Yes, we did do one last week for identical cases of the Symmetry and Defender for certain iPhones and even Samsung Galaxy models, but it is time to focus on the Pixel 3 and the iPhone XR. I’m sure that you know that I’m going to give these guys a positive review, as they are number one in the nation as far as cases go, and these are by far no exception.

Otterbox Defender Series for the Google Pixel 3

Unlike the related Lifeproof products, the Defender Series for Google’s latest flagship seems to pride itself in a screenless design. It does have that multi-layer, drop-proof protection going on, of course. Oh, it also covers the ports really well from dirt, dust, and lint.

As for the feel of the Defender, it feels rubber and smooth to the touch, on the outside. It has a weird and stiff area around the camera lens that you can see in the image. The inside seems to be set up with a cushion for the back of the Pixel 3.

I have to admit that I expected the Defender for the Google Pixel 3 to be higher than its $49.95 price on the Otterbox site. It even comes with a belt buckle holder.

Otterbox Pursuit for the iPhone XR

I’ve never really certain why Otterbox names its products what it does, but perhaps the Otterbox Pursuit Series for the iPhone XR is so named because it is made for the pursuit of…something. This Pursuit Series is said to be the thinnest, toughest, and most protective iPhone XR case.

It certainly feels that way as it seems to lack the soft rubbery feel of the Defender. Even the inside feels completely hard, and I am guessing that it is made for some superior shock absorbing power, I guess.

In short, the Pursuit allows for protection with its “thermoplastic elastomer”, which is probably another phrase meaning “gives protection without adding too much volume”. It can be purchased on the Otterbox site for $79.95.

Otterbox Symmetry for the Google Pixel 3

It’s hard to believe the the Symmetry isn’t as skinny as the Pursuit, but apparently, it isn’t. It has the ease of installation with makes it work, and I can’t imagine why it is called the Symmetry.

This particular case feels softer than the pursuit, possibly because it is made from synthetic rubber. Not only does it give protection from drops, but it has a raised edge to protect the screen.

The Symmetry for the Google Pixel 3 is available on the Otterbox site for $39.95.

Otterbox Symmetry for the iPhone XR

I found that the Symmetry cases for the iPhone XR seem to come in a lot of varieties, and I will talk about the Clear and the ones that come in myriad colors and styles. Both of them have that drop protection as well as its ultra-slimness.

I suppose that the difference between the clear and the colorful ones is how smooth the back is. They do have that raised edge in order to protect the screen, and they are made of that synthetic rubber and polycarbonate.

The Otterbox Symmetry for the iPhone XR is quite a beautiful thing to wrap up our omni-review, and it can be purchased on the Otterbox site for $49.95 right here for the clear and here for the colorful.

I’m not certain if we are through reviewing Otterbox products for this holiday season, but I’m sure we’ll see a plethora of what they have to offer at CES 2018.

We Begin Our Best Android Smartphone Challenge!

We do a lot of product reviews here on TheGeekChurch.com, and one thing that we like to review are smartphones. Considering that they are going to be selling big this holiday season, we want to review the best on the market.

You will note that we will only be reviewing Android phones. Yes, we hope that makers of smartphones will give us some smartphones for our review, and we want to review them and figure out which is the best for consumers.

What we are hoping to do is review each phone, and announce the winner of the best phone by December 14, still enough time to purchase before Christmas.

These are the Android phones the we want to review:

Samsung Galaxy S9

Of course, I’m going to put Samsung’s flagship here. I used to get upgrades every year, but it has been a while.

Samsung Galaxy Note9

Oh, we might as well review the phablet form of Samsung’s flagship. You gotta love that stylus.

OnePlus 6

I believe that this phone has been making the news, and man, it would be great to get our hands on one.

LG V40 ThinQ

I currently use an LG, and I believe this is the big one this year. I thought I saw it at CES, and it would be great to see what else they are up to.

Motorola Moto G6

It’s also been a while since I reviewed a Motorola smartphone, and while they are not as big a player during the flip-phone era, they have a say in the smartphone age.


Man, it’s been a year since I had an HTC phone, and I’m looking forward to reviewing another.

Sony Xperia XZ3

I have to admit that I am a stranger to Sony’s phones. However, it’s time for a change.

Okay, I’m sure that I left out at least one Android phone, so if you want to leave a suggestion in the comment box, feel free.