CES 2016: The Future is Mesh

Right wayEvery year, I come to CES as a media representative, and the show is kind enough to provide the media or press with a bag. Needless to say, my family and I got a lot of use from these bags over the years, and these backbags or handbags can usually carry a laptop. Below is an example of a bag that CES used to give out, but to the right is a picture of me with this year’s model.

This year, there was either a budget cut or a concern over safety. Either way, this change is bad. I’m guessing that it is cheaper to make a bag made of mesh, and the Consumer Electronics organization can save some money. However, 2015 was the year of the Paris Attacks, San Bernardino, and other things that just make us doubt our safety. The move was made because CES feels nervous about security, as was sent out in an email.

CES BagSo, I suppose that the bags would make it easier to see through, so security would know that I wasn’t holding a gun. This would be interesting, but my wife and I entered CES with backpacks, and we were given green stickers to show that we were “safe”. The issue is that no one searched these bags. We would have allowed people to look through them, as I don’t mind opening a closed case to prove that I have nothing to hide. I’m not going to defend that right to the death.

I don’t want it coming across that I am dissatisfied with CES. It lives up to its name of putting innovation on display, and I and my wife are glad to be a part of it. It is just interesting to see the management decision that led to these CES bags, and how it probably isn’t going to stop anyone who is doing harm. I wonder what kind of age we are headed into.