Active Edge Survival Straps: Regular Survival Bracelet, Fish Tail

Active EdgeWe have reported on Active Edge stuff before, such as the shirt that can make you healthier. Apparently, Active Edge makes these Survival Straps bracelets made of paracord.

If you haven’t heard of paracord, then you must be missing out. Seriously, there is some kind of fad on paracord, so if you ever are in a mess, you can just pull some paracord off your bracelet and use it. This is what I am assuming what it is, otherwise paracord has become some kind of fashion accessory.

The Fish Tail Survival Bracelet is made to be “super stylish and expedition ready”. Apparently, there is about 15 feet of 550 feet military spec paracord. Apparently, if you actually use it, then it will be replaced free in exchange of the story and the rights to publish it, and all you need to do is pay for shipping.

This bracelet can be purchased on the Survival Straps site for about $24.99.

Dallas Shooter was Killed by Bomb-Equipped Robot

bomb sniffing robotThis is not a good time, as there have been some serious terrible things going on with shootings. I mean that Orlando Massacre happened a month ago, and in the midst of all that, there has been some serious bad action going down with two African American men shot by police in Louisiana and Minnesota. Now, a peaceful protest in Dallas resulted in a shooting, with 5 officers dead.

This just feels like a tragedy wrapped up in a towel and then unraveled and snapped in our faces. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, there was something historic that happened which has created something that changes the intersection of technology and humanity.

You see, that sniper attack the killed those police officers? That sniper, Micah X. Johnson, was taken out by a robot. Dallas Police Chief David Brown stated that “we saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was. Other options would have exposed our officers to great danger. The suspect is deceased as a result of detonating the bomb.”

This is apparently the first time such a solution has been implemented. Peter Singer, an author and strategist who is an expert in technology, says that only in Iraq are robots used in such capacity. Apparently, this bomb-sniffing robot was “jury-rigged” with a weapon to take out a sniper in Dallas.

At this point, I have to say: “and so it begins”. The issue is that it already begun. People start carrying guns and kill people, then we make robots, and the robots start carrying guns. I don’t really have much faith in the goodness of the human race, but man, this has given me a lot to think about.


SALT Self-Defense Gun

salt-selfdefense-gunI’m not certain why someone wants to make this SALT gun, but I have to admire that someone made a non-lethal gun. Of course, it looks like this looks like a gun.

The SALT has a chemical powder to create a toxic cloud on impact, which can incapacitate anyone in the vicinity. The issue is that the creator has rethought the gun by rethinking the bullet.

The best part is that the bullet doesn’t have to hit it’s target, as there is some cloud that works to incapacitate the victim. I don’t really know if there is any product like it, but I can’t see why the SALT couldn’t become a new fad in self-defense.

This feels like a weapon used in some future where people use non-leathal force to stop criminals. I guess we don’t do that already.


Range-R knows when you are home

Range-RI’m not a big fan of USA Today, but I see their headlines on my way to work, and I saw that they had on the front cover a device that can see through walls. This is not technically true, as the Range-R motion detector can only detect whether you are moving or breathing.

It reminds me of the movement detectors held by the doomed soldiers in the film Aliens, and it doesn’t have X-ray capability. However, this device has apparently been in use for years by the FBI and U.S. Marshals to check some place before a big raid.

It works using radar pulses, and it can classify you as a “mover” or a “breather”. Yes, as a human being, you can hardly ever escape motion. This device can even work on block, brick, wood, stucco glass, adobe, and even dirt.

You might like that we have this technology that looks like it has been plucked out of science fiction, but with great gadgets comes great responsibility. It looks like those law-enforcement groups that use this device might be breaking a few constitutional rules.

I think USA Today was trying to create a sensational story with this device, and I often ignore their sensationalistic style, but I can’t deny that the use of the Range-R does seem to step on the toes of those that support the private rights of citizens. It looks like I have found my next “hot-button” issue, and this probably won’t be the last time we hear of the Range-R.

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BAE Systems introduces The Transformer, a plane you wanted to see as a child

This is one of those products that I can’t believe will ever be a reality. This plane is apparently under development from BAE Systems, a UK aerospace and defense contractor, and it looks like an 80’s kid’s toy.

In fact, it is even called The Transformer. It certainly looks like it is from the 80’s cartoon that eventually turned into four (count ’em four) Michael Bay movies. That or M.A.S.K., but I won’t bother going into detail on that one if you never heard of that one.

The Transformer has a large diamond shaped main craft and then two triangular partners. They can split apart when needed, such as when you are being chased and need someone to split off to distract your pursuer.

Yeah, I’m not certain whether or not a plane like this is needed, but the form factor is designed to lower the number of mid-air fueling runs which gives the plane a better range then most of its contemporary stealth bombers.

That, or somebody just wants to make some big toy that they can play with. A big expensive toy.


Navy Christens Next-Gen Aircraft Carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford

Gerald R FordToday, the Navy cracked a bottle of wine on the hull of the next generation aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford. This is the beginning of the Ford class, and it has a lot of improvements.

First of all, it is very long at 1,080 feet, and 100 feet high, which allows it to hold over 25 percent more aircraft than older carriers. One of the biggest pluses is the state-of-the-art electromagnetic catapults, but I am not certain what that actually does.

The entire thing was built on a 3D product model, and the Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert said this about it: “She will carry unmanned aircraft, joint strike fighters, and she will deploy lasers”. Holy smack! I just had an awesome idea for a movie! The government builds a huge aircraft carrier called the George W. Bush, and it has 100 percent automated planes and no people are required. Oh no, suddenly the giant carrier becomes self-aware, and it begins to attack random targets that it sees at threats. It is up to…okay, you see where this is going.

By the way, the USS Gerald R. Ford is $2 billion dollars over-budget. Ah man, I hate reporting on info like that.


The Navy launches its first Drone from an Aircraft Carrier

drone-aircraft-carrier-640x423Have you ever noticed that when some new technology comes up, it doesn’t seem to be a big surprise. The US Navy has just announced that a Northrop Grumman X-47B, a drone, has just launched from the George H.W. Bush, an aircraft carrier.

What this means is that a drone has been launched from an aircraft carrier. Apparently, this is a first. I don’t know why I thought this was done already. I guess I am not certain how advanced we are as far as drones are concerned.

I guess we are getting to the point where we can have a remote-control war. I suppose all we need is a drone aircraft carrier. Geez, this would have been science-fiction just a few years ago.


U.S. Navy develops laser weapon (just in time?)

Is anyone else a little, I don’t know, disturbed that North Korea has nuclear missiles pointed at us and is getting all threatening about using them? Man, it’s like the cold war all over again, but I can’t remember Russia saying that they were definitely planning on using them.

Well, I’m sure I am not the first to suggest this, but as anyone thought about using lasers to protect us from missiles? Actually, I believe that Reagan had that “Star Wars” idea that never really got off the ground.

Well, this video here by the U.S. Navy shows that how a laser beam can single-handely take out a drone. You don’t see any cool colored rays, but the Laser Weapon System (LAWS) definitely produces results.

It is also inexpensive at only $1 per shot, and that is the electric bill. It costs about 40 million to develop, and I believe that they are planning on putting them on naval ships by 2014.

Okay, so let’s blast some missiles! I’m not certain whether or not the lasers would work like that, but I would like them to.