Voyager 1 has gone boldly where no one has gone before

originalI realize that the title for this post is really cliche, and the fact that the first Star Trek movie featured a lost satellite named V’Ger, who was revealed to be the Earth satellite Voyager 6.

I have just learned that Voyager I, which was originally announced in 1977, has just entered a new region called the “magnetic highway”. If you are not familiar with the magnetic highway, I am not surprised. Basically, this is a change in the direction of the magnetic field and a sign of reaching interstellar space.

Originally, and you will find this on many sources, it was announced that Voyager I had left the solar system, but this is not really true in this sense. I suppose NASA could have just said that, and it wasn’t like anyone else could have verified it.

Just to let you know, Voyager I will experience a shut-down of its sensors by 2020 and will completely shut down by 2030. It made it to Jupiter back in 1979 and Saturn in 1980, traveling at a speed of about 10.72 miles per second.