CES 2018 with China Tech First Look

There is more that goes on at CES than what is shown on the floor. There are after-parties, not to mention the before-parties. I was fortunate enough to attend CES Unveiled 2018, and I was just as pleased to attend China Tech First Look the next day.

I always look forward to seeing new technology, particularly ones that I have never encountered before. I was not disappointed with what I saw here.

I’ll go ahead and start with these. This is the Honeycomb, and they are magnetic blocks that can be programmed. It is part of a STEAM initiative, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Most people just use STEM.

These are some interesting electric locks from WeLock, which are clearly going to be the new standard as far as what will be on your door. They are fully programmable, even from a distance on your phone.

Welcome to a new age of electronic bikes. The Smartcircle S1 has an unusual shape, and I got to drive it down the halls of the Flamingo Hotel. It was as fun as it sounds, but there is a bit of a learning curve on the ride.

Now here is an interesting microphone ready for taking on just about anything, as it is from Sabinetek.

This is quite something. It is a device that allows you to put a picture of anything on a fingernail. I’m not talking about making a fake nail, but putting an image on the nail using a very fine sticker.

If you don’t believe it works, check out this self-portrait on my hand.

I’m not certain what I’m going to write about tomorrow, but it will be certain that it will appear at CES 2018.

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