Lessons Learned from CES 2018

Well, I have returned from Las Vegas once again after experiencing the wonders that is CES. This shot here is from LG, and I forget what they called this, but it is a canyon of displays of some type.

I have discussed a few things about CES, but they are really summaries at best. The thing about CES is that there are so many things to talk about, it is actually unfair for me to discuss just one.

Still, I have bought home some stuff with me, and will be doing some hands-on reviews later. I have made some business contacts that are promising to send me some stuff, and I will review all that.

I have a phone book full of contacts that I will need to get back to. Until then, I’m going to talk about some things that I learned at CES.

1) Wireless Charging is going to be the new standard.

The Samsung S8 can do it. The new iPhone can do it. My LG G6 can do it. I have reported on Qi products many times, and ten years ago it was the Powermat, but you needed a special case. Now most smartphones have that in there, which means the end of charging cables.

2) Will VR ever take off?

Every time I am at CES, I see some amazing advancements in Virtual Reality. Generally, someone has some interesting games, as well a whole slough of 360 cameras. However, no one is talking about how to get this new medium of storytelling going. It is like the difference between the earliest silent films and modern film.

3) Everything will be Alexa or vocally controlled

I saw so many devices that could use some vocal control, from an Alexa device, that or Siri, or OK Google. I suppose that we just want to control all our devices vocally, because we want to live like Star Trek.

I didn’t even mention the power outage on Wednesday, or all of the startups that I will never have time to cover.

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