Black and Decker Electric 3-in-1 Compact Mower

Black and Decker MTE912Okay, so all of you probably have lawns, and all of you have to mow them, and if you are like me, then you have some edge that is impossible to mow. This is why I was so glad that Black and Decker sent me that toolkit as well as this 6.5 Amp 12-inch Electric 3-in-1 Compact Mower.

I will have to say that I never had any luck with the weed whackers that I have had in the past. I don’t know they just break down. I’ve since just adopted a pair of hedgeclippers and mow my lawn with the mower. I don’t have to with this, as it is an edger that can turn into a mower.

Basically, it is a set of wheels that you can use like a mower to cut your grass, provided you to can snap it in. I thought it was going to be a pretty complicated procedure, but it works really well and snaps in easily.

Now, this thing is essentially an edger at heart, so if you use it as a mower, your grass will be cut by twine and not a blade. I’ll let you decide if that is good, as there is an Automatic Feed Spool to do the cutting. Since I hate replacing those spools and they are costly, I might have to rewrite this article a few months later.

I’m going to recommend this for now, as the 6.5 Amp motor will do your yard right. Now, you might want to think about that when you purchase it. The issue is on the specs for the product site, it says there is a “charge time”, but this wouldn’t work without a cord.

Okay, I guess there is a corded version for about $77.04 and a cordless $133.69 version. At least that’s what shows up on Amazon.