Bedol Squirt Water Clock

I’m not certain why I am reviewing the Bedol Squirt Water Clock, as I don’t think there even is a market for alarm clocks anymore. Seriously, doesn’t everyone just have an alarm on their smartphone?

Still, I like the idea of creating an alarm clock that doesn’t run on batteries or electricity. Using its technology, it can convert water into clean energy power. If you are worried about the inevitable running out of water and having to reset your time, there is a memory chip can remember the time so no resetting is required.

So, it is a terrific alarm clock, and it looks like a drip. Seriously, there really isn’t much I can say about it, and I actually believe that I have reviewed it before. If so, I can’t seem to find it, but I know something that I can say: the particular model that I was sent looks like a drip.

Actually, I just thought of something. If there is some kind of power outage, this could really help you.

Now, if you want the Bedol Squirt, you should be able to purchase it for about $26.00 on the Bedol site.