LucidBrake is a brake light for the bike!

LucidBrakeIt’s very strange that in an age where all cars need brake lights, bikes do not. This could change with the Lucidbrake, a smart wireless bicycle brake light.

At first I thought this was some brakelight that would attach to some mechanism on the bike so the moment you hit a brake, the light will go on. Actually, it is not like that at all, for the brake light will go on when the bike is about to stop. I guess there are some motion detectors that will light up the 8 LEDs, and it will know the difference between a brake and a bump.

These lights can be seen a half mile away a night and a quarter mile during the day. You can put the LucidBrake on the back of your helmet, your jacket, and the back of the bike. Yeah, might as well make more brake lights for even greater safety.

Now, this is a Kickstarter project, which means that it will need your funding to make certain that it will get off the ground, or on the bike.