Secur Products Part 3: Bluetooth Speaker Lantern and Flashlight

Secur SP-5004_product_aOkay, I finally got around to reviewing my last of the Secur products, and you can read my reviews of the Folding Solar Powered Lantern and the Bluetooth Flashlight and Powerbank. This time, it is the Bluetooth Speaker Lantern and Flashlight, or SP-5004.

Let me start with the Bluetooth Speaker. I have no idea if this is a standard for Bluetooth Speakers, but it does tell you when it is time to pair, and when it has paired. It was pretty easy to get that set up, and I had some terrific sound coming from this thing.

Oh, and lets talk about the flashlight. As you can see from the picture here, the device can extend like a lantern thanks to a spring thing inside it. So you can turn on the thing and it will light an area around it. You can also flatten the thing, and it will shine in one direction like a regular flashlight.

So, like most Secur products, it can do a lot in one single package. It is just a matter of specs like can it play music in 8 hours, 4 hours of charging time, and 3 Watt Bluetooth Speaker. You should able to purchase it for about $59.95, and there is more information at the Secur site.