H2O Pal connects your smartphone with your water-bottle

H20 palWhile I was in Vegas, I was able to find an entire after-event that was devoted to nothing but Bluetooth. I have mentioned before that everyone and their dog seemed to have a body monitor of some type, but the H2O Pal, which I discovered on the aforementioned Bluetooth after-event, links a water bottle with a smartphone.

Yeah, I honestly do not know if this has ever been done before, but H2O Pal might make it rather commonplace. The H2O Pal is designed to fit underneath one’s water bottle, and it is made to monitor one’s water intake via smart weight sensor. The app allows the user to give friendly reminders for when you need to drink water, and you can connect with H2O Pal on Facebook so you can share progress with friends and collect milestone badges.

Just to let you know, you aren’t able to buy this product now, and I don’t have a price point for you. You can find more information at the H2O Pal website, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this product really takes off. It was a Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards finalist at that Bluetooth after-party that I talked about earlier.