Boomstick by Boomcloud 360

BoomstickIn case you are wondering, I am really having a hard time not saying: “All right, you primitive screw-heads, this is my Boomstick”. In addition to the reference to Ash from Army of Darkness, this is quite a good product from Boomcloud 360.

So let’s go with my second intro: in my review of the Monster Clarity HD earbuds, I talk about how the company declared war against the crappy earbud, like the ones that come with the iPhone. The Boomstick is designed to correct the problem and give you some good sound.

Now, I have seen products like this in the past, where it says that it improves it, but I don’t really hear the difference. Fortunately, you do hear it. In fact, after the Boomstick is completely charged, there is a button so you can turn its functions on and off.

In other words, Boomstick really wants you to hear the difference, and it is there. I was given this product to test out at CES 2016, and I am so glad that I did. I happen to use a pair of crappy earbuds on my smartphone and laptop, and they integrated quite well.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to obtain this item right now, but it is available for pre-order here for $99.00.