AVERT allows flat robots to move your car

One of the reasons why I started this tech and gadget blog is because I wanted to report on very neat things. I couldn’t think of anything more cool than some flat robots that can move cars.

The AVERT, which stands for Autonomous Vehicle Emergency Recovery Tool, is a system that is designed primarily for law enforcement. It starts with this main robot that can autonomously map a parking lot inside a crowded garage, and then deploys a lot of smaller robots that can roll underneath another vehicle. These flat robots go underneath the wheels, and then lift it barely an inch off the ground so it can move it.

The whole point of this is so the robots could remove a car or other vehicle that might be carrying explosives or something. This way, the robots do all the work and don’t endanger any humans. Clearly, this has other uses, like removing vehicles that just down belong, for example. Yes, this power could be abused, and I’m not looking forward to an era where these tiny robots roll out every time a car parks illegally.