First Day at CES 2018, after CES Unveiled

Yesterday was quite a tough day for me. After getting a flight at 6:00 AM and landing in Las Vegas by noon, there was a lot of moving around with “hurry up and wait”.

As you can see from this great shot taken from Mandalay Bay, we are in Las Vegas now. (Thanks to Dan Feinberg for the use of this shot.)

Technically, CES 2018 does not start until tomorrow, but if you arrive two days early, there is an event for the press known as CES Unveiled where you can experience a small percentage of the companies that will be represented there.

This would be L’entrance. I’ll try and show you how big this room at the Mandalay Bay (yes, the one from the shooting) actually was.

Ah, this should give you a better idea of what it was like. Lots of companies represented in rows, with places for folks to congregate in the middle, and tables for food.

Oh, here’s some samples of the food. There is some eggplant caviar in there, and yes, it was worth the trip just to get it.

But enough about food, lets get to the companies. I can’t remember what the name of this company was, but they invented a way of turning ordinary water into mineral water by hitting it with radiation. Yes, I checked, and it is harmless.

This company has a weird name with “Teach on Mars”, but it is an application that if you give it facts, it will quiz you back on them. Very cool.

Here is a company that allows for making postcards with selfies. You can add a filter to make you into a cop or something.

I have seen a lot of companies that focus on monitoring your water. Most of them have an app associated with them, and this Flo is able to really figure out where leaks are.

If you look closely, you can see that these headphones have some weird thing attached to them. These are for monitoring your brain. I think brain-monitoring devices are going to be kind of a thing here in the near future, and I’ll check in on them at CES 2019.

This is an interesting device that I am told can be made for homeopathic medicines and such, including cannabis. I’m guessing that I am going to see a lot of devices like these in the future.

This is a wine rack that you can program, so it will light up on whatever bottle that you are looking for. It was made by French, and I so a lot of French companies at CES Unveiled, and I have a hunch that I will be seeing more.

Now this I just loved. What you are seeing here is the Lovebox, and it has an 8-bit Legend of Zelda heart (or whatever else you want) on the front that spins when you get a message. When you open it up, you will see the personalized message. I like tech that thinks outside the box and inside of it at the same time.

These guys were great. If you had a photo, they could put it on a T-shirt in seconds. This is the type of tech that you go to CES to see, and it is practical, too!

Then there is stuff like this. This is Sniffy, which will allow you to smell what you are watching. I’ve seen this before, and I’ve never seen it come to odoriferous fruition. Good luck with this.

The guy showing this off sure was proud. These are Debussy headphones, and they are quite advanced, and they even have a screen on the earcup. It is quite something, and at one heck of a high price.

This company has made a drone that can go underwater. Now, if you are able to make it go above the water (in the air) that would be something.

This is some awesome technology from a company known as BrainCo. Yeah, I had to get me some video footage, as I like the idea that limbs can be replaced artificially.

Here’s a cool ice sculpture for you. We’ll have more from CES later.