Clip-Air combines the best of land and air travel

clip-airIn transportation, one of the things that hinders travelers from going from Point A to Point B is the time it takes to load and unload transports. Think of all the time wasted with connecting flights, and constantly getting on and off buses and trains.

Imagine if you could use Clip-Air, which combines the best of air and land travel. You can see in the image a flying wing with three capsules, and it is imagined that such capsules could be train cars.

So what you do is take a train the airport, and then the train car itself will affix itself to the flying wing. Now, if only the train capsule could detach and take you to your final destination.

Holy gosh. This could change everything. Yeah, it is a good idea. Of course I like it, but all I can think about is what it would take to implement it, cost and labor. All commercial planes would have to be replaced with these flying wings, not to mention what would have to be done to the entire railroad industry.

Still, if you ever had to start the transportation system from the ground up, might I be the first to suggest this one? In the meantime, it will be alive in the pages of speculative fiction.