Hands on with the D-Link mydlink Wi-Fi Water Sensor

D-Link WiFi Water SensorI believe that there is a term for “The Internet of Things” IOT, made to describe any device that is hooked to the Internet to do its job. In the case of D-Link mydlink Wi-Fi Water Sensor, it is a device that is connected to you Wi-Fi network to let you know if you have a water leak.

If you have a water heater or pipes that could leak, wouldn’t it be good to have something that could detect it? Not only does this device have an alarm built within the device, but it will push notifications through your Wi-Fi network so you can receive an alert on a mydlink Home App so you can see if there is something wet that shouldn’t be wet.

Set up is pretty easy, as you just plug in the Wi-Fi Water Sensor into an outlet, and then dangle the 3.5 foot sensor cable into the place where you might have a dampness problem. Push a button to join it to the network, and you have a way of preventing minor water damage before it gets really serious.

If you are a home-owner who is afraid of things like this, then the D-Link Wi-Fi Water Sensor is available for about $59.99 on the D-Link site.