Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today RPG Review

Dead SynchronicityOf course, I always like testing out new RPG games on Steam, and I was pleased to try out Dead Synchronicity. Unlike some of the other great point-and-click games that I have tried out, such as Descent to Deadrock, I didn’t finish this one before my review.

The reason why I didn’t finish this game because honestly, I am stuck! Seriously, games like these take a lot of wandering around and doing things before the next area can be uncovered. In this particular case, I am really stuck, and I have played a lot of these games. I just seem to be wandering about, wondering what in the heck that I missed.

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today begins with a very typical video game cliche character of amnesia. It is very common to use this trope in video games because you don’t have to have a backstory for the main character, and its easy to introduce those elements as the game goes on.

In this case, the forgotten backstory is that there has been a Great Wave, an explosion that has taken out all electronic devices. In addition to being plunged into a new Dark Age of no technology, some of the population has become “dissolved” in the sense they die of some disease from within.

Of course, with the fall of civilization comes antagonistic bad guys who just want to take everything for themselves and let the have-nots starve. Dead Synchronicity has those kinds of people to spare, mostly in the form of some military group keeping secrets, I guess.

Dead Synchronicity has a weird artistic style that is hard to describe. It reminds me of a lot of minimalist comic book artists, but I can’t really nail down any names to compare it to properly.

Anyway, I will recommend this one to those who want a challenge, because it is most certainly challenging me. You can read more about it here as well as purchase it on Steam for $19.99.