Rocketbook Color and Rocketbook Wave Review

Rocketbook is a company who creates innovative notebooks that can be easily scanned and re-used. We had a chance to review their product back in August. This time we’re reviewing a couple of other types that they create. We’ll be covering the Rocketbook Color and the Rocketbook Wave.

Rocketbook Wave


Photo credits: Rocketbook

This innovative notebook is a great gift for the students in your life. As with the Everlast we reviewed last time, this notebook also uses FriXion pens. One is included. Instead of wiping away the ink after scanning to your desired source, you can easily clear your notes by tossing this notebook in… THE MICROWAVE!

These notebooks are spiral bound with polypropylene binding. It comes in two sizes- both with 80 pages. The standard size is 8.5 x 9.5 inches and costs $27.00. The executive size is 6 x 8.9 inches and costs $25.00. Both have dot grid patterns on each page. The pages can be re-used and erased 5 times.

Here’s a video that shows off this cool notebook

Rocketbook Color

Now kids can also get in on the eco-friendly notebooks. The Rocketbook Color is a 12 page, 8 x 9.5 inches notebook that uses dry erase or wet erase markers. The markers are generally not included, but the company recommends Crayola. The notebook is composed of 8 blank pages for free-form art, 2 dot-grid pages for making graphs and such, and 2 lined pages for practicing handwriting. The scanning process is the same as the other Rocketbooks. You can assign each page a symbol that will direct the shared page to your desired destination.

Here’s a video that shows how:

The Rocketbook Color costs about $22, and will make a good Christmas gift for the young artist in your life.

Thanks to Rocketwave for again sending us these products to review for free. No other compensation was given, and our opinion is our own.