Exploding Kittens- The Most Backed Kickstarter Project of all Time

“This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.” So says the Kickstarter page for Exploding Kittens- a game illustrated by the famous internet cartoonist, Matthew Inman(The Oatmeal).

Here’s a video to explain the game better than I can:

This Kickstarter project set records meeting their goal of $10,000 in 20 minutes. Currently it has more than 4 million dollars in support, and there is still 20 days left. People who give $20 to this Kickstarter project will receive their own deck of cards. If you pledge $35, you could receive a NSFW deck in addition to the regular cards. The game is said to be suitable for kids 7 and up apart from the NSFW deck, of course.

Those who pledge their support are due to receive their game sometime in July 2015, and it ships anywhere in the world. If you want your very own deck of Exploding Kittens, go to the Exploding Kittens Kickstart page, and you, too, can be part of Kickstarter history.