FIFA 16 cover will feature women on the cover for the first time

FIFA Cover ArtIf you aren’t familiar with FIFA, it is one of the biggest sports franchise games ever. Yes, it is bigger than NBA 2K, MLB, and Madden series of games based on basketball, baseball, and football, respectively.

I’m not certain how we are looking as far as gender equality is concerned, but there is something new when it comes to video games. FIFA 16 is the first sports game that will feature female athletes on the cover. This actually wasn’t a real secret, as it was announced that Lionel Messi would be on the cover, along with other players. There was a list of applicants, and some of them were female. It was finalized that Olympic gold medalist will be running alongside Messi for the United States edition, while Christine Sinclair will adorn the cover for the Canadian edition. There is even an Australian edition with Stephanie Catley.

By the way, FIFA 16 gives players the option of playing as female soccer players. If you want to buy the game, it has a release date of September 22, 2015.