Brazucam is a camera in a soccer ball

Adidas soccer cameraWith the FIFA World Cup coming up, I would imagine that there are going to be a lot interesting products associated with that. This is what is called the Brazucam, and it involves six cameras put into one soccer ball.

This is a 360-degree view of all the action on the soccer field, and I honestly don’t really see a reason for it. Seriously, there is a video at my Source, and it is just nigh impossible to follow the action.

Yeah, that is the Brazucam in action, and I am assuming that is named after Brazil, because when you think soccer, you think Brazil. Or maybe you don’t. I don’t know much about soccer because I’m American.

There is a comment on my Source saying that a gyroscope should be involved, and I agree. The sight of this makes me wonder why anyone would want to do this. I would understand if this Brazucam could be used to settle disputes, but it doesn’t look like it can do that.