The Titan, Toughest Cable on Earth, from [FUSE]chicken

Titan CableWell, I thought I had seen the Titan product before, and I was right. Not only have I reviewed the Une Bobine not just once, but twice. It is made from [FUSE]chicken, a company with an odd name but a good product.

The Titan has essentially the same as the Une Bobine, and I am assuming that it is the toughest. It doesn’t look like you can stand the iPhone on it, like the Une Bobine.

It has a one-piece housing fused directly over the electronics and metal cabling, which makes it bendable as well as strong enough to resist dogs. Yeah, for some reason [FUSE]chicken really wants to say how dog-resistant it is.

Not only is it canine-proof, but it is also proof against the canine teeth of a chainsaw. Okay, that was a really stupid transition, so let’s just talk about how it won’t tie up in knots or fray.

So, it is available on the [FUSE]chicken site for $35.00.

A Second look at the Une Bobine

Une Bobine thingI’m going to just out and say that I have reviewed this product before, and you can read that one here. However, in the light of Apple’s new announcement, which I will be talking about for a while now.

I suppose that the newest version of the iPhone will not require a new charger, because they didn’t change the connector port like they did when they went from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5. If you are getting a new charging cord for the iPhone 6, I would highly recommend the Une Bobine.

Why? Well, why not have a charging cord that is stiff like you see in the image? Not only will you see your iPhone 6 as it charges, but you will be able to interact with it, almost as a second screen.

If this is something that you want, head over to the [Fuse]Chicken site and pay $34.95 for it.