Mobi Ultra Pulse DualScan is a doctor’s tool you can have

Mobi 3I’m going to say that I had to include two images of this product so you can see what it looks like. If I used the one below and to the right, you might think it is a Bluetooth headset. The fact is, this is the DualScan Ultra Pulse from Mobi, and like the headline says, it is a doctor’s tool that you can buy.

What does it do? A better question is: what doesn’t it do? I’ll start with taking your temperature. You know those stupid mercury thermometers that you used to stick under your mouth? That is something analog in a digital world.

The DualScan is able to take your temperature at the ear and the forehead. All you need to do is hold the “scan” button and you will hear a beep. Then, there is also a voice telling you what the temperature is in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Yes, it talks. Oh, it also can detect the heat of a room or object.

There is also a a place where you can put your thumb, and, after a beep, you can get your pulse. Yes, it is that versitle of a tool for giving exams in the doctors office and at home.

Mobi Ultra Pulse 2In fact, the thing kind of looks like something that Dr. McCoy, Dr. Crusher, Dr. Bashir, or that other Doctor guy on Star Trek: Voyager would use, doesn’t it? I can’t remember that doctor guy on the Enterprise series, but you get my drift, it is a tool from the future for us today.

Also, did I mention that this thing has a flashlight? Well, it does. All of this can be yours for just $39.95 on the Mobi Site.