Golf-X-Cube will help improve your game

Golf x CubeI’m going to start this review and say that I am probably not the audience that would want this product. I think we all know that people who golf are like those who like Doctor Who. that is, you have heard about it, but don’t want to get into it, and might not understand those who are into it. I am the type who has heard of golf, never saw any need to get into it.

Since I never really did any swings on a golf course, I am going to tell you what it will do for those who are golfers. The Golf-X-Cube is a golf training tool. It has a hole on the bottom, so you can put a tee for alignment purposes. You can then use the X shape to line up your stroke, approximately 20 inches from the ball. This allows for better upper-body rotation, allowing the shoulder to turn on a solid base. The better the rotation, the better and more powerful the stroke, therefore the better the ball will fly.

Yes, I don’t really have personal confirmation of this, but this is because the product promises improvement in 4-6 weeks worth of training. Yes, that is a lot of time, but if you are willing to take it, you can purchase this product on the Golf-X-Cube website for a price of $33.95.