Everything Announced at Google I/O 2016

Google-IO-2016-840x472In case you haven’t been paying attention this week, it would appear that Google had been having a big developers conference this week known as Google I/O. There was a lot of announcements going down, and this is just a few of them.

For example, there was a preview of the Android N, the latest version of the operating system. This currently does not have a name of a sweet treat as yet, but it will have a Vulkan graphics processing engine for some better performance. Also announced was Android Wear 2.0.

Then there is the new Google Cardboard, aka the next generation Android based VR program with Daydream. it uses a heavy-duty phone that uses a VR mode for optimizing content.

Also unveiled is Allo, which is kind of a combination of Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. Then there is also the Google Duo, video chat, kind of like Apple’s Facetime.

So, yeah, there is a lot, and there is going to be a lot more. I’m sure there will be more about it soon.