Google to have the cheapest laptop, ever?

chromebook_635x250_1381264802I’m sure that a lot of us want to have a cheap laptop, as most of us are set back several hundred dollars if we buy a new one. Google might have a solution for you, but you need to use Chrome on this notebook that only runs $279.

This laptop which is HP Chromebook 11 and it is made by HP. It relies heavily on always having a continuous Internet connection for Gmail, Google Docs, and other services that require the cloud. Yes, the Chromebook 11 does not have much memory.

The other features include a screen of 11.6 inches and weighs in at 2 pounds. It has speakers that are safely tucked in underneath the keyboard to project sound toward the user.

You should be able to get this Chromebook 11 at the Google Play store in white or black. I’ll repeat the price again: $279.