Matias iFold Portable Stand and Cooling Pad

Matias iFold 2I was pretty pleased to review another Matias product, and instead of another keyboard like the Ergo Pro Keyboard, this is a laptop accessory known as the iFold.

As you can see in the first illustration, the iFold is a way of putting your laptop so it is at eye level. After trying it out, it is handy to have, but you will need to use another keyboard like that aforementioned Matias one. Why not? They are terrific products.

Matias iFoldIn case you are wondering why it is called the iFold, I have included this second picture to the left so you can see how it folds up. It is actually quite cool and easy to figure out, and just these pictures alone with the product are all the accessory origami instructions that you will need. Since it folds up neatly, it makes it portable, and there is a bag that it comes with.

What is interesting is how you can put the laptop on the folded up iFold, and it will give an “open air” design to keep the laptop cool and quiet. This could extend the life of your computer, not to mention the battery.

You can get this on the Matias site for about $59.95.