Intuos Pro from Wacom

IntuosProMediumGalleryImage3Now, if you never heard of Wacom tablets, try not to think of a tablet for the iPad. Wacom has been making these platforms on the desk that allow you manipulate your screen as if it is a tablet. They were very popular with the Bamboo series, and I recently had the opportunity to try out the Intuos Pro.

I had a chance to try out the Medium sized model, and I enjoyed using the touch and pen versions. That’s right, this has a pen feature, and you can use the pen with 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity. If you like drawing on your computer on Paint or other advanced program, this will work very, very well.

Remember how I said that this isn’t like a tablet like the iPad. Well, it does have a pinch-to-zoom feature that is really very cool. It also has this control ring that really allows for computer artwork without the keyboard. With a touch of a button, you have auto scroll/zoom, cycle layers, brush size, and rotate. Even the side buttons are some Shift, Ctrl, and Alt buttons, as well as some other interesting buttons that I will have to explore more.

I found that the software for the Intuos Pro was able to download very quickly, and I was using it minutes after I connected it. By the way, there is the option for a USB or wireless connection.

I highly recommend this if you have any desire to do art or anything else on your computer. The Medium one can be purchased for $349, and the Small is $249 and the Large for $499. Check it out on the Wacom site, along with other parts.