The K-Board from Keith McMillen Instruments

K-BoardIt has been a while since I have reviewed anything from Keith McMillen Instruments. I had a lot of fun with the QuNeo and I was almost ready to quit writing and become a DJ. I got a chance to review the K-Board, it is was very similar to the QuNexus that I reviewed before.

The K-Board is like its name implies, a keyboard, but shorter. If you have a music-playing program, you can use the K-Board to play some tunes. All that is required is to plug it into the tablet or computer, and you can play. You will need some kind of music program, and I used SimpleTank 3, a program from IK Multimedia, which I will discuss at a later time.

The keys are such so hitting them hard will be a loud sound, and there are special buttons so the keys will be sustained and other tricks. If you are concerned that two octaves on the K-Board not giving you enough notes, you should know that there are octave buttons to reach high and low notes.

I’m not certain if the K-Board is just a QuNexus Jr., but it is designed for spills and can even be run over by a car. All in all, the K-Board is a cool product and it is available at Guitar Center, or you can buy it here for about $69.99.

QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller from Keith McMillen Instruments

qunexusToday must be MIDI day, as this is the second MIDI product that I am reviewing today. I will have to admit, I am not musical enough to really use these products in my career, but this doesn’t mean that I can recommend this to those who want to be.

Now, I have reviewed products from Keith McMillen Instruments before. I absolutely loved the QuNeo, and recommend it for anyone who even just wants to try DJing. The QuNexus is a different kind of animal as it is a MIDI keyboard controller with about 25 pressure sensitive smart sensor keys. They have that LED illumination thing going on like the QuNeo, and they can detect weird things like finger pressure, tilt, and velocity which translate to pitch bend and modulation in each key.

The QuNexus is designed to plug into all mobile devices with no additional drivers needed. Speaking of mobile, the QuNexus is made for it. Seriously, you can probably drop it and it is still good. I didn’t try it with the one that I tried out, because I’ve got problems with damaging goods that I review.

All in all, the QuNexus is good for portability and playability. Now, that is a quote of the website by Matthew Dear saying essentially the same thing, so all I can do is simply agree with it. You should be able to get it for about $149.00.