The Kika Emoji Keyboard Application

My sources say that Kika has 60 million average monthly users, which is quite a bit. I mean, that is what, like a quarter of the United States? Anyway, welcome to the Kika Emoji Keyboard, which is essentially a keyboard made for Emojis, and the image that you see to the left is just one of its many iterations.

Honestly, I am not certain if this is a good time to talk about this, or if I am the writer to write about it. After all, this summer’s biggest disappointing movies, and one of the lowest rated films, ever is The Emoji Movie. I feel like I wouldn’t be addressing the elephant in the room if I didn’t mention this 0 Percent on Rotten Tomatoes CG crap-fest of a motion picture.

I haven’t seen the film, and I’m not certain if I would watch it even if it were free. It’s clearly trying to capitalize on that sweet sweet money that happened four years ago when the stars lined up perfectly to grant us The Lego Movie, but this time, it sucked…hard. From what I have heard, the plot is about how the youth communicate with Emojis, and this has somehow led to a world full of them that exists as some microcosm like in another good CG film Wreck-It Ralph. I guess it shows how much of an Emoji world that we live in, and I suppose the Kika keyboard is made for this age.

The Kika Emoji keyboard is available on Google Play, and presumably on iOS as well. After I downloaded it, Kika now appears every time that I write a message on my texting app or even on Facebook Messenger. I found that after I downloaded the application, I had to click on the icon, where I had to turn on the Kika Emoji keyboard.

I will have to admit that perhaps I am not the audience for this particular app. After all, I am not the type who sends emojis, and I feel that is something for the younger generation or a very specific personality type.

I’ll talk about its uses. You can see this other screenshot that I took on the immediate right, and this is after clicking on the emoji icon that appears on the bottom left of the Kika keyboard. You can see that you can put on a simple emoji on pretty much any message. I don’t really even see how they are organized, but fortunately, there is a way to search on the app itself.

In addition to those simple emojis, there are also these stickers for larger emojis. The thing is, when I opened these up, it started a separate message. I didn’t see a search engine on this and have no idea how they are organized.

I don’t know if that is a glitch or something, but I found that the GIFs had to be opened once they are sent. The GIFs didn’t seem to have any method of organization other than by some weird mood that I could be having at any given time.

Oh, they also had those weird ASCII emoticons as well. It has been a while since I saw those. There are also weird links to ads, and I’m not certain how to avoid those. I guess it comes with the territory when you get a free app like this.

When you open up your Kika keyboard, there is an odd four-petal flower in its top left corner which allows you to pick out the theme. Even though there aren’t many themes available, you can order something new. This is where the program got a little complicated, and I was a little unnerved when it came to getting new keyboards.

I get unnerved when it comes to downloading anything new onto my phone. Even though I couldn’t figure it out just yet, there are themes like the new Wonder Woman movie, and so forth. I couldn’t find a search engine on this that was easy-to-use. However, you should give the Kika keyboard a try, especially if you are really into emojis.