Our Review of Lander’s Neve Charging Cable and Powell Cases

PowellI have reported about Lander products before, very recently, in fact. I got a chance to review the Neve Charging Cable and the Powell Case.

I’ll start with the Powell Case. It is pretty good with a Slim Fit, with raised bezel, textured edges, and some stylish ridges. As you can see, the case on the iPhone looks like the bottom of a raft. Too bad that it doesn’t float.

All in all, it is very excellent and non-bulky outdoor inspired phone case, in many colors, for about $34.95. It is also available for the iPhone 6/6S Plus and Galaxy S6 on the Lander site.

Lander NEVEThen there is the Neve cable, and I had a chance to this Lighting charging cable for the Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

The Neve Lightning cable or just about any type of these cables has Illumaweave reflective technology for some quick location in the dark. By the way, it is made of durable nylon, flat, tangle-free design, and it is MFI Certified. It also has some enhancements with Everpull connectors to avoid breakage and rips of place on other cables.

There is a lot of Neve cables at the Lander site for about $29.99, and it not only has Lightning ability, but it is available in micro USB to USB availability as well.

Lander Neve Charge and Sync Cable, Powell Phone Cases, and Carriers

PowellBGZ Brands has recently unveiled a new brand known as Lander, and it is one of those tech accessories made for outdoor enthusiasts, kind of like EKUSA products. I’m hoping to get some hands-on review products of these, but this is what I’ve seen from them, and it’s pretty impressive.

For example, there is a Neve cable that is flat and made for Apple, USB to Micro USB, auxiliary to auxiliary cable and more for a price range of ($17.95-$29.95). It looks like it is made tough and hard to pull out.

The Powell cases, as you can see here, have those cool ribbed sections on them, with a splash of color. They will be available for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 for a price of $34.95-$39.95.

Then there is the Brenner case for all sizes of the MacBook for $49.95. There are also Timp carrying bags: 25-liter ($129.95), 20-liter ($99.95), and messenger bag ($79.95).

Well, we’ll be certain to report on more when we get more info on them, and some of these items are available now. Check out more information at the Lander site.