MiPOW, Part 1, the BOOMAX

BoomaxI suppose that this should be Part 2, as Kris has already written about the PLAYBULB Candle. Today, I’m going to be writing about the BOOMAX, a Bluetooth speaker from the company.

I’ve been reviewing a lot of Bluetooth speakers in the past. Whenever I test them out, I always try and see how loud the speaker is. In this case, it was very loud, and the only time that the warning volume mattered. You get that weird warning when you turn up the volume loud? I know I do.

Yes, the speaker is loud, and I know the picture does not do a good job conveying the size, but it is a little bit bigger than your fist. I found that pairing it was a little difficult, but only because I had to hold down the pairing button longer than I should.

In short, the BOOMAX is quite a good Bluetooth speaker. It has Bluetooth 4.0 and an AUX-in jack to insure that works wired or wirelessly.

You can get it in Silver, Black, Light Blue, and Red on the MiPOW site for about $99.99.



My first post on The Geek Church, and it will be a review of a product Mark found at CES.   This is the PLAYBULB Candle.  It’s a nifty little device that can be controlled by an app on Apple or Android devices.

After downloading the app, I found the set-up to be a bit clunky.  I got the device to pair with my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, and there is a tutorial at the beginning, but the app is pretty basic, and could use some updating.

The candle is able to change colors, and there are different effects- such as candle effect, flashing, pulse, rainbow, and rainbow fade.  These are all controlled directly through the app.  If you didn’t have your phone with you, the candle would only be able to be the color you last set it at.  You also have the option of setting a timer for the candle to turn on or off at certain times.  This is useful if you want to fall asleep to candle light, but don’t want it “burning” all night.

Screenshot_2015-01-27-00-17-44[1]Want to hear some tunes as your candle is going?  The app will pull up a playlist for you from your phone.  This is the playlist that the app pulled from my phone on the left:

I must say, I don’t find “Facebook Pop” to be the most romantic song, and certainly not the only music on my phone.  There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to the songs it chooses to play, and sound quality is only as good as the speakers on your phone.

The PLAYBULB Candle by MiPow is, overall, a fun little gadget.  You can purchase it, along with other cool accessories, like the PLAYBULB color light bulb with speakers, on the MiPow site for $49.99.