Native Union Part 1: POWERLink and Switch Bluetooth Speaker

Native Union PowerLinkIt’s been a while since I reviewed some good Native Union products, and I was pleased to try out several new products that I am going to review during Black Friday week, and I will recommend them for holiday gifts.

I’ll start with the POWERLink, a charging cable that looks like it is in the shape of a woman with a long dress. Okay, I hope that no one thinks it’s weird that I describe it that way. Look at it, what does it look like.

Like Nomad with their charging cables, the Native Union POWERLink makes charging something easy as carrying with you. So if you are in a place where you need a quick boost, you have a way of getting some juice.

Granted, you will need a spare USB port to do this, but those are pretty common these days. The POWERLink can be something decorative, and that is something that works out really well for everyone. It is available to purchase on the Native Union site for $59.99.

Native Union SwitchThen there the Switch, which is a Bluetooth Speaker, and it sounds good. Best of all, it looks good, too. It reminds me of a long LEGO brick.

The way that I judge a Bluetooth speaker is whether or not I can use it without looking at the instructions. In this case, I was able to press the top, and then I was able to sync it in seconds. From there, I was playing music through it, and I am told that it will play music wirelessly for up to 14 hours.

Of course, it can be used as a professional conference call unit for hands-free or group settings. There’s also a convenient USB port for an emergency recharge, in case you got the CHARGELink handy. Yeah, you knew that was going to work its way back.

Anyway, you can get it for purchase on the Native Union site for about $129.99.