Nintendo to cease production on Wii U by the end of this year

Nintendo Wii UI’m pretty certain that I have stated before that Nintendo’s days might be numbered. Yes, I have a Wii U, and maybe you do to. The issue is that only 12 million of these units have sold, and the original Wii sold over 100 million.

Yeah, the Wii U seems like a failure in comparison, which is why it shouldn’t come to any surprise that Nintendo is ceasing production of the Wii U hardware.

Since there is a lot of rumors about what the Nintendo NX is about, this makes sense. If you aren’t familiar with the NX, it is the next generation of Nintendo console.

So far, there isn’t any news from Nintendo when the NX could come out. If it is coming out during holiday, then Nintendo would probably announce it at E3 2016.

If Nintendo does cease production on the Wii U, then they must have a lot left.