Another Day at PAX Prime 2015!

Today was my last day at PAX 2015, and I decided to spend it taking pictures of all the great cosplayers! It was quite a day.


Here’s Liara from the Mass Effect series. It is a great costume.


This is Liara reading my awesome book.


I believe that this is from Tracer Overwatch, and it is pretty good.


An employee from Aperture showed up to Portal here.


This is Aerith/Aeris from Final Fantasy VII.


Hey, it’s Jasper from Steven Universe, in male form!


This is Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series. This version is female.


The one on the left is an original character from World of Warcraft, and then there’s this guy from League of Legends.


Another shot of the Crystal guy from LOL.


I am told that this is Nahiri and Sorin from Magic the Gathering.


This is Nahiri and Sorin enjoying my book.


Hey ho! It’s Casey Jones!


I believe that this is Zachariah from Off. I don’t know what this is.


Here’s Junior from RWBY.


Buttercup from The Princess Bride loves my book.


Female versions of Mario and Luigi and Princess Rosalina.


Here’s Ayla from Chrono Trigger, I believe.


This guy is from Corps of Discovery.


Here’s Ryu and Juri from Street Fighter. They have my book!


Ryu and Juri also like fighting.


There are two links in the chain of…you know, I can’t think of a good joke for this. I thought I would have by now.


This is Princess Hilda.


It looks like Princess Hilda is getting into my book!


Oh, it’s another Pearl from Steven Universe! She’s got my book!


This is Vella Tartine from Broken Age. Not familiar with that game, but it looks good.


Uh-oh! Looks like we got two Deadpools. The plural is something like Deadpoolae, I believe.


This is Shy Gal. I don’t think she is part of the Mario mythos, but I like her.


Shy Gal was willing to remove her mask to enjoy my book. Thank you!


It’s Terminator! I mean, Deathstroke! I mean, Slade! Do we need a good name. He’s just plain cool.


Slade is liking my book.


Here’s Mario and Luigi in Slender form. It is unusual, but welcome. I like it, and I’m glad they like my book.


It’s Anders, from Dragon Age 2! He/she has my book!


Three guys from Racoon City and/or Resident Evil!


I believe that this is Fetch from Infamous.


Renegade Femshep from Mass Effect, yes!


These two gals have my book! Exciting!


Ash, Misty, and a familiar Pokemon.


Squid Sisters from Splatoon.


Sindel and Scorpion.


Mega Man likes to stop and read my book.


Oh wait, Mega Man has the arm on again!


I always liked Rosalina!


Sweetheart Annie from League of Legends.


One of these is a Techno-mancer (right), but I don’t know what the other character is. He took a phone call after I had shot the photo.


This is Midna’s true form at the end of the Twilight Princess game.


It’s Balrog from Street Fighter!


Oh hey, Balrog has my book as well!


Spider-man, Spider-man!


So here is Yukimura and Motochika from Sengoku Basara. Oh hey, they also have my book.


It’s one of those guys from SG-1. I hope it’s not one of those other SG teams that keeps getting killed.


Jinx from League of Legends with Link.

Speculative Fiction Saturday: WarGames, and PAX Prime

WarGamesSince I’m at PAX Prime this weekend, I am posting this Speculative Fiction Saturday review in advance. This is a film with video games as a big part of the storyline. I will have to tell you this was one of my favorite movies back when I was a teenager, and I would have to say there is an influence that I can sense today, not just in me, but other films as well.

WarGames was not only a film that jumpstarted Matthew Broderick’s career, but it addressed something that we all fear: nuclear war. The film opens with two men who are controlling nuclear silos, and the codes come in for them to turn the keys to begin World War III. One of them just can’t find it in his heart to do it, and the other pulls a gun on him.

I didn’t like how the scene suddenly ended, but it cuts to a group of generals and other military uppity-ups at Cheyenne Mountain. Apparently, this is some big military place that really exists, the headquarters for NORAD (North American Aeorspace Defense Command). The military men, along with a man named McKittrick (Dabney Coleman), who believes that it would be better if relays replaced the flesh-and-blood men that might defy an order from on high.

As it so happens, McKittrick has developed a computer system known as the WOPR (War Operation Plan Response), which is programmed to run all kinds of nuclear war simulations. And, if you haven’t seen this film yet, just watch it on Netflix, because I did the other day, and it is even better than I remember it, even if it is somewhat dated. I’ll go ahead and post the rest after the jump.

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I’m back from PAXPrime 2014 and I have some awesome Cosplay pictures!

Last week, I reported that I was headed to the Penny Arcade Expo. If you have never been to a gaming convention, comic convention or any other type of con, you know that there there are a lot of cosplay going on. I have to say that the best part of the convention was when I just walked around and just took pictures of the cosplayers.

After the jump, you are going to see quite a few pics of some of the most awesome cosplayers that I saw.

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We’re here at PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle!

PAX PrimeShould I say anything more? Well, for those who don’t know, PAX Prime is a big Gamers convention in Seattle. There are more of them, like PAX East, PAX South, PAX Aus, and PAX Dev, all at different locations, but I don’t really know much about the last one.

Unlike some gaming conventions, this one is not made for the gaming industry. PAX began in Seattle, and it was started by two guys who wrote a web-comic known as Penny Arcade. I realize that Penny Arcade Expo should abbreviate to PAE, but I’m not complaining.

I’ll be pretty busy on Friday and over the weekend, but I will be giving you constant coverage of what I will learn at this awesome conference all of next week. Then its a big busride on Sunday.