Penclic Mini Keyboard C2B

Penclic keyboardSo, I have had a chance to review another Penclic product, and this time, it is the Mini Keyboard C2B. I’ll start by saying that it is what you are expecting, a compact, soft touch, and portable keyboard.

This product has the tagline of “Your desk will thank you. Your fingers will too.” The desk is thankful because it takes up less space, clearly. So why are the fingers thankful? Well, this compact size allows the user a position to reduce repetitive strain injury.

The keyboard is also very quiet, as I am trying it out. Whenever I am reviewing a keyboard, I want to make certain that I type my report on it using the keyboard. Oddly enough, the keyboard is about 2/3 the size of the one on my laptop keyboard, but I have found it easy to adapt to. Penclic claims that this quieter clicking and easy-on-the-eyes look will create a more relaxed feel, but I don’t feel any more mellow, honestly.

This is a corded keyboard that you have to attach via USB, and there are two USB ports included for the one that you lose.

You can find out more information about the keyboard here on the Penclic site. There is no price listed there, but I found it on Amazon for $60.95.