Plantronics RIG SURROUND PC Gaming Headset

rig-surroundI might as well start by telling you that I am reviewing a product that I have reviewed before, at least in its first iteration. The Plantronics RIG SURROUND is a step up from the Plantronics RIG, and it shows.

Actually, I should say that it blows. Okay, that doesn’t sound right, unless your implying that it blows your eardrums off. The first had 40mm drivers, but this has Dolby 7.1 surround sound plus 40mm drivers. Also, the first RIG was designed for the Xbox, Playstation, or PC, but this one is specifically made for the PC, complete with USB Amp.

The RIG SURROUND has the big dial thing that I was raving about last time, and you can switch from gaming commands to mobile calls with just a touch of a button. It also has three EQ settings with Pure for improved voice clarity, Intensify for bass, and Seismic for bass without the rumble or distortion.

Now, I’m not certain about the design of the headphones, but they appear to be lighter, because they are more comfortable. You can wear these all day with pillow-soft earcups and a cushioned headband.

You should be able to get the RIG SURROUND on the Plantronics site for about $99.99.