Prong makes a case we all can use

PocketPlugBack_liftingYou see that headline, that is something you can quote me on, Prong. Prong has created a case and a charger that everyone can use. Just to let you know, it is not another mobile battery.

A company known has Prong has created a charger and case for the iPhone 4, 5, and Galaxy S III. The Pocketplug solves a lot of problems as most of us prefer to plug our phone into the wall to charge it. Isn’t it just better to have a case with flip out prongs so you can just plug into the wall directly?

I got to hand it to Prong for coming up with something that is pretty obvious. I believe that there have been cases like this before, but the flip out prongs allow the Prong case to be thinner than most.

In addition to this, the PocketPlug has a micro USB port in case you need to recharge your mobile this way. The PocketPlug is also designed to enhance the phone’s speaker and microphone.

You should be able to get the PocketPlug from Prong for about $69.96 on the Prong site.