Razer Turret Combo

razer-turretWell, it has been a while since I have reviewed a Razer product, but not for lack of trying. Dang, has it really been three years since I reviewed the OrbWeaver? Man, I need to get a hands-on review of this.

Apparently, Razer has been working on this Turret for about a year. It is a pretty good device that has a keyboard and lapboard for a mouse. It is made for those who have a PC hookup on their TV for gaming. You might as well use that big screen for something, and I am guessing that there are people that are doing this and need a Turret.

In fact, if you have a Google-powered set-top box, there are some dedicated Android keys. Yes, this looks very cool, and you can get it for about $160.


Razer creates a Firefly gaming mat

Razer FireflyI have reviewed a lot of Razer products in the past, and they are best known for their video game or PC gaming accessories. One of the things that I really love is how they can really make gaming mice interesting, and now, a gaming mousepad.

Yes, the Razer Firefly is able to put some chromatic magic to your desk. Considering that the company is famous for some serious coloration on their products, kind of like SteelSeries. I think that this gaming mat is a product that I can’t help wonder why I have not seen before.

You should be able to see it for about $60, which is pretty expensive for a mousepad. Yes, I would love to try it out. Plus it has Firefly in its name, just like the cool show that everyone says was cancelled too early.


Razer Leviathan is the Ultimate Soundbar

razer soundbarI’ve reviewed Razer’s products before, and their name is synonymous with cool gaming accessories like the OrbWeaver. It seems strange that the company would be going with a soundbar, but the Leviathan is that and a subwoofer combo package.

The Leviathan has a 2.1 channel design with two .74-inch tweeters, two 2.5 full range driver, as well as a subwoofer. This all comes out to one terrific tool of surround sound, and it just rocks. I will have to question the company as to what this has to do with gaming, but who says that it has to be used for just gaming?

The Leviathan will cost the customer $200, which is not a bad deal. It should be available sometime in November, and I hope that we at The Geek Church will be allowed to try it out before it sells out for the holidays.