SteelSeries Stratus XL Controller and Rival 700 Gaming Mouse

steelseries-1So, it has been quite a while since I have reviewed a SteelSeries gaming product, but I finally had a chance to try out two of them with the Stratus XL for Windows/Android and the Rival 700 Gaming Mouse.

The Stratus XL looks like a controller for a console, but it is made for mobile and PC. Best of all, it is completely wireless. If you have any Steam games that you play, you can pair the controller and play over 2,000 titles.

When I tried it out, I decided to use it on my son’s phone. Needless to say, he was able to play Minecraft before like nothing else.

As far as the power is concerned, it is good for 40 hours of power with two AA batteries. By the way, the batteries are included, and it doesn’t look like there is any kind of mobile battery.

Well, if this is one you are into, then you can get it on the SteelSeries site for $59.99.

steelseries-2Now it is time to talk about the Rival 700. This is one of those gaming mice that has an optical gaming sensor that is one of the best laser gaming sensors on the market: the Pixart 9800.

You can customize the mouse to switch in between settings for different games or weapons. The left and right click buttons are reinforced with plastic, and it has some frictionalized grip. I’m not certain if “frictionalized” is a word, but I hope that you understand what I mean.

What is interesting is it has an OLED display. Yes, you heard me right. This particular guy has a screen on it. With this thing, you can have in-game stats, sensitivity, or alerts. You can even download GIFs for it like a spinning Nicholas Cage head. Yeah, I’m serious.

In addition to the OLED screen, it has a Prism RGB illumination with over 16.8 million colors on the mouse wheel, palm rest, and you can customize it with the SteelSeries Engine 3. By the way, you can also switch out the cover.

There is even some tactile alerts available in a game. So if you are running low on health, you will feel a nudge. If you are low on ammo, you will feel a different nudge.

You can purchase the Rival 700 Gaming Mouse on the SteelSeries site for $99.99.