The Safe5 Waterproof iPhone 5 case from Outdoor Technology

Safe5I have reviewed a lot of waterproof cases for the iPhone 5 as well as other smartphones, but I really have to admire the Safe5 for the iPhone 5.

When it comes to reviewing cases like these, there is usually only one issue: how long and how deep can you hold it underwater? The answer for the Safe5 is that it is IPX-7 rated, so it is waterproof up to three feet for thirty minutes.

One thing that I like about the Safe5 is its aesthetic. Unlike other waterproof cases, like the ones from Otterbox or Lifeproof, the Safe5 is transparent. This means that it will appear almost invisible on the iPhone 5, and I really like the way it goes on the iPhone 5.

The Safe5 case just opens up, and it has a rubber gasket that seals it all the way around. There are three screws that lock it in, in case you are worried about any leaks. There is also a watertight seal on the charging port and headphone jack.

In short, the Safe5 is a very decent case from the always more-than-decent company of Outdoor Technologies. You can get this case on the Outdoor Technology site for about $49.95 in clear, blue, or orange.