SKROSS World Adapter MUV USB

Skross World Adapter USBI have to admit that I never really heard of SKROSS before, but this device is more than useful. What you are seeing here is some interesting slots so you can create a plug for pretty much every country.

Okay, maybe not every country, but darn it, it is set up for Euro, UK, USA, Australia/China, and Japan. That is just the input side, and I am not even going to discuss the outputs as yet. By the way, the slots are made to hold very well, with a button for release.

Then you have the twin USB charger ports, directly integrated to the SKROSS travel adapter for the first time. The dual USB port is good for connecting and charging two devices at the same time. By the way, you can connect 1 unearthed plug.

For those that want to get this, you can find it on the SKROSS site for about 39.95 EUR, and I’ll let you do the conversion.