Speculative Fiction Saturday: Star Vs. The Forces of Evil

Star-vs-The-Forces-of-Evil-post2Okay, I think we all can agree that adults can watch cartoons, and why? Because they are not for the least common denominator anymore. Some of them, like Steven Universe, are actually pretty intelligent, and assume that you are following an extended storyline. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil can join that particular club.

Star Vs. The Forces of Evil is one of those shows that looks like it is just made for fun’s sake. Watch the opening, with the weird tones that sound like an 80’s video game effect. Then try hard to follow the title sequence as everything is running at fast motion. It looks like a sugar high designed to keep your kid’s attention for a half-hour while you get some rest.

The pilot episode sets up the premise of a princess from another dimension who is sent to Earth because…she and her wand cause too much chaos on her own dimension of Mewni. Instead of her parents taking the wand away, they seem to believe that the planet is expendable and want Star to learn some control of some type. Believe it or not, this is Plan A, and there is another plan to send her to a reform school for wayward princesses.

Am I going too fast for you? That’s because the show is at a very fast pace. But Star Butterfly (that is her name) is essentially an inter-dimensional exchange student who lives with the Diaz family, who have a son Star’s age named Marco. Marco is first introduced as a do-gooder that knows karate, and episodes usually consist of Marco and Star fending off monsters. The monsters are led by some parrot-like aberration named Ludo, because…they want to take over the world?

It feels like a set-up with plot-holes, but if you watch the first season in its entirety, you can see that perhaps these holes are deliberate. I have explained on a separate article on The Gospel Herald how there are some fan theories and how the finale did a very serious number on the viewer of what is, on the surface, a nonsense comedy show.

I found that this show, even with its fast pace, started pretty slow. I almost quit watching it because it was deliberately going nowhere, but once you finish the season, you realize that it is going somewhere. In fact, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil has been renewed for two more seasons, and I am curious what direction the show is going.