TAO Wellshell Isometric Exercise System

TAO-Wellness-07Every once in a while, you see some new tech that looks completely non-sensible, and then you actually try it. Then you wonder how you will live without it.

I believe that the TAO Wellshell could be that new must-have item for those who want to exercise, anywhere. It can connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet, and allows you to burn calories by squeezing. In fact, it allows you to squeeze in many ways for a great workout.

I know that this sounds kind of silly, and I honestly don’t think that my description of it can do it justice. There is software that sort of gamifies it. For example, you just don’t squeeze with all your might, you fine-tune your squeezes, and this creates and interesting graph that you can control.

Yeah, I am really not doing this justice as far as describing this thing, but it really is amazing. I’m not certain when this will be released, but it has been under development for years. I would imagine that this is really going to change mobile exercise as we know it. Here is a link to the TAO wellness site so you can see it for yourself.